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quickly in the United States named Kwai, it is understood that the fast development in the United States is not prominent, but in the Chinese two or three line of the city is very popular.

was very young, both parents and school teachers said, "baby, study hard, and your knowledge will change your fate in the future.". We’ve been taught this idea since we were kids, but in the end, have we really changed our destiny,

when lying on the slate of Zhongguancun street, in the pocket of the baby, there were only five yuan left when the poorest, comrade. Is it sad? Is it so shabby? The farmer’s child is like this! A man is out of the world, eating, sleeping and playing well. What are we to compare with those rich two generations? We are the air, the air, just like the dispensable state.

February 7th, according to foreign media reports, then in the second half of this year the United States IPO. People familiar with the matter said the app had more than 40 million active users, with monthly active users of 100 million and valued at about $3 billion.

2005 baby photos

then went to Beijing, Fengtai District city management team, every morning sitting in the car, holding a vat, fruit knives and other clean-up small ads. Remember going to the South Sanhuan whole section of hawkers, hawkers anxious, holding a knife has been chasing the baby, the baby almost scared to death, oh, a look at the wrong baby, satuijiupao.



half a year later, no, the city management team delayed learning, must find a time adequate job, use a lot of spare time charge to study. Then I went to the Internet cafe as a network administrator

foreign media that currently have a big advantage quickly, in China market without Facebook and Instagram, which makes it have great development space, in addition, the quick and Snapchat, high user stickiness, and can quickly launch Snapchat similar functions in China continue to attract users.

some inspirational quotes, in fact, has encouraged the baby to grow up, so far remember, dare not forget. Wang Guowei said "human words" ancient and modern big business, the University asked, have to go through three kinds of state: " energy-saving, the tower alone, looking at the endless road. " the first scene also. " my end is no regrets, pining away to. " these second conditions are also. " he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim.

has spent his spare time surfing the Internet during his time as a police officer in the urban management association. Babies often watch the Internet news, technology, and hope to find space to live someday.


the development of the Internet has changed the fate of many people. Perhaps the opportunity, perhaps the awakening and struggle after the pain, so that the baby on life, the fate of a clearer understanding. Today is a special day, the college entrance examination, that year, the baby into the examination room with a nervous mood, who does not know himself ten years later what will be like? The way of life of a confused, helpless, helpless, only because the baby is poor son, parents have no background. The road of the future, all on their own.

16 years of the Dragon Boat Festival, Dr. X, a "brutal bottom story: a video software Chinese rural" by hitherto unknown attention quickly let. Data show that the short video community – formerly known as GIF GIF in 2012, quickly, quickly transformed into a short video community, as of February 2016, then the number of users exceeded 300 million. At present, quickly has become a short video platform and the fourth largest mobile phone traffic platform Chinese.

foreign media said that investors in the hand is very promising. In addition to Sequoia Capital, DST, sh419 and DSM are also quick investment.



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