An example analysis of the effect of the chain of love Shanghai library Shanghai Dragon

has been the existence of such differences on the Internet, love Shanghai library chain to Shanghai dragon end valid or invalid. Love Shanghai library show to the user is in the form of FLASH, some people think that the chain of love Shanghai library is not the search engine grab. Some people believe that the love of Shanghai to the user is in FLASH mode, to the search engine is the text form, so that the love of Shanghai library chain for the chain effectively. After a long time of practice to share the love of Shanghai library effect chain of Shanghai dragon.

two: love Shanghai library chain can improve the site visits to

is invalid

said the chain can only say that it is invalid, not through direct access to the website and click on the link to. But love is the chain Shanghai library can be crawling to love Shanghai. Below is the library I practice outside the chain to grab the screenshots:


In fact, this is the first


analysis of the chain library from the user point of view, he is a plus. But from the search engine of the library has become their competitors, occupy a front rank. The article by www.shwanbang贵族宝贝 (Borghese) to share the submission, please keep the source, thank you

: love Shanghai library chain chain

but if you think that the chain is to grab the good ranking, it is completely mistaken, do I have a library during the anchor text with direct links. But after a period of practice, the ranking has been very unstable, and often have a downward trend, first of all I do for competitive keywords is very small. So the first love by Shanghai library chain to improve the ranking method is not feasible, and the library of high weight, rank before became your own rival website.

with a bit of conflict, the first point is invalid, then how to improve the traffic? In fact, this is because the library is more specific to the user, rather than search engine. Library users to download or watch after the library has probably passed directly enter the URL or download after clicking the link to access the site. The following is the number of times and the document was downloaded library edit number:

I was obviously the number of documents is not much, the number of documents downloaded has reached 1740, and has been in a rising trend. Visitors can easily download library through the document to the website, because the library of the anchor text link is very eye-catching, but the website backstage data also show that the traffic has been in a state of increasing direct access.