Half a month to share the website becomes the whole process 2

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page flash module

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five. Stop blindly the chain

of enterprise e-commerce website promotion is also carried out for many years, for many years, whether it is classified information, a chain exchange platform, decoration Forum, electronic business platform, released a lot of information, which are with the website information, the author has accumulated this part of many links, but according to the analysis of most links released earlier the death of many rubbish outside the chain of view A5 Huang Zhong, at the same time the author found that many site outside the chain of the network has been listed as a dangerous site in the inspection, the two links for the transmission site weight is extremely unfavorable, the need for people working outside the chain refused, the search engine will be data processing.

website set robots file

often heard of this agreement, but the site has not been, write in Huang Zhong’s guidance and advice will not want to grab a spider channel page and inside pages added to the robots file to prohibit access, leaving only two part of the "news center" and "decoration collection" available to the spider in daily content to crawl. Mainly in order to avoid dispersion of home page weight, weight.


I had the website channel page is mainly two serious problems: the 1. page title, keyword set, descriptions are piled up phenomenon is serious; 2. part of the channel page is not a complete layout of the title, keywords, description etc.. Fill in one hand to facilitate the spiders to crawl the page on the other hand to browse experience.

four. The website chain

diagnosis A

the stationmaster of a lot of enterprises may how long puzzled problem is the site of rapid improvement in a short period of time, this is also the author as a decoration materials enterprise owners need to consider the issue, I met a lot of business owners complain about the chain also do the more new snapshot included but is bad, resulting in weight low ranking than the same industry ranking, the final result is the enterprise owners lose confidence in the solution to the problem of stronger desire, the author will share their own decoration company website only took less than 1 months from the low weight to the whole process of the implementation of 2, thanks to A5 here Huang Zhong marketing Shanghai dragon help:

website channel page to modify the description of the title and description

as a decorative design website, home page art and gorgeous picture show is indispensable, the traditional slide show is the main form of flash switch, this picture led directly to the site open speed is very slow, so I will visit the spider slowly, originally the first page of Figure 5 to figure 3 switch, because of the particularity of this kind of industry switching map must have, only less as far as possible, at the same time some video modules appear on the home page is extremely easy to cause the spider trap, is not conducive to search engine friendly.