Fanchon affect network promotion and Shanghai Dragon


do promotion is just get traffic and do Shanghai dragon, then take a look at everyone praised the "love of Shanghai". If you want to get traffic will need to be recommended, opening the Shanghai love collection homepage, web page is introduced and some use method, so through the love of Shanghai collection is unable to get traffic.


when Lu Songsong SITE QQ bookmark collection, that included 11700 noble baby love Shanghai, included 8470. At first glance, or a play. Can I watch collection of items found that both Shanghai and noble love baby, included mostly relevant content on QQ bookmarks, and search their own blog found no included, as shown below:

to take a look at the "love Shanghai" would not affect the promotion and Shanghai dragon


specifies the site search when we want to search for a web site, you can search the way through site:. For example, I want to see the QQ bookmarks Lu Songsong blog is to be included, then use the lusongsong贵族宝贝 site:shuqian.qq贵族宝贝

take a look at the use of love Shanghai do Shanghai Longfeng increase weight is feasible, to improve their website weight, the other side of the first important right, first look at the love of the Shanghai collection included on their own love Shanghai:


love Shanghai and noble baby are not included "love of Shanghai", then the natural sex Shanghai promotion is unable to get backlinks. Not included, what about the flow rate and the weight of

Since Let’s look at Google:

search tips:



, included above we can see that love Shanghai shows only two, noble baby is not included.

look at QQ

home page is a popular music collection function, but I never went home, unable to determine how much can bring traffic, but can know, once it is recommended.

QQ is popular bookmark recommendation function, once QQ bookmark as recommended, can bring a lot of traffic every day. Can the home only 15 place, not all sites can be recommended, it is not possible within the page.

The number of

in the network promotion, network promotion has been as one of the essential way to promote the promotion of any XX there will be a promotion of the network, network and network favorites, I just put them into a class. This type of promotion for years, so now, fanchon can influence whether website promotion and Shanghai dragon

finally see fanchon independent music collection