n the era of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng way

A sour, sweet, bitter, hot


every day, our site search engine traffic only so much, to change the status quo is not a short duration of time things, colleagues in the era of big business, to master the Shanghai dragon play space is limited, we need to pay attention to how to more effective flow, dig out more orders from the Co. the flow in the development of the site is the right way.

great era of e-commerce, Shanghai, where is the way?

a lot of spring and summer and winter.

at the foot of the road.



this a word is a lyrics everyone for having heard it many times, from the classic TV series "journey to the west" theme song. Tang master sent West to learn where the feeling, for we are in e-commerce generation under the Shanghai dragon Er, whether we should be feeling in Shanghai, where is the way?

where is the road,

for Shanghai dragon types the author thinks that we can more detailed divided into two kinds, the first is to optimize the site conversion rate, second is the keyword ranking optimization. For the second we may be familiar with, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er daily work is also this one. Site conversion rate optimization we may be unfamiliar, it is not difficult to understand, simply let us into the site’s visitors interact with our business, the final orders. The two can be said to be complementary and indispensable. Since most of the optimization of Shanghai dragon is only limited to the ER keyword, later will find that although there are good rankings, but the conversion rate to the poor. Now in the era of e-commerce, we see e-commerce has occupied more than half of the country, if you are only confined to the traditional concept of the Shanghai dragon, you are doomed to lose the market, so we need to change the concept, that is simple to optimize the focus from traditional keyword ranking optimization transfer to transform the rate of.

in the current rapid development of the Internet, everywhere is the advertising, e-commerce is rampant, all netizens eyes can reach place basically has been occupied by e-commerce advertising. The search engine optimization marketing model has become "unable". In the past, we are a keywords ranking do go up, get a lot of traffic will cause in the past, people still mainly rely on search engines to find what they need products or services, but in nowadays, many people are using advertising and brand will be imprinted in the memory address of Internet users, Internet users use search engines looking for the chance to buy related products and services continue to decrease, which affects the Shanghai dragon in this industry. From the current situation, as the Shanghai dragon Er, trades in the same job may yield only half of the past.