To love Shanghai chain against the policy how to do outside the chain of quality

B2B, you may wish to consider some of the weight of 5-8 in the B2B platform, there are also many B2B platform release products can bring on the site, you need to release products with your web site on the inside, visitors can give some reference and entice them to click on your web site. In addition, related products must be the site and your products, or the like. Otherwise, belongs to the deceptive guide, will be punished love Shanghai.

Now there are many

inquiry platform is the same, and find you do website issues related products answer, the answer must be to help others, not perfunctory. Web site can be added in the following answer to the people to do reference. These problems may come to your site may not, but want to find the same problem will attract people to your site.

3. in some document sharing inside the chain

recently love Shanghai foreign chain hit more and more, I also feel a sense of crisis. How to resolve the Shanghai love chain attack policy, and not to be considered cheating? The author after one month study, found love Shanghai for the fight against the chain there is a range of degrees, are you more than it put forward the range of attack will take your operation, so when the owners in the choice of the chain, we must pay attention to.

2. in some quiz platform do the high quality chain

1. in the correlation of forum and blog article recommend your web site

love to Shanghai to promote the high quality of the chain, the chain of garbage will be affected. What is the high quality of the chain? According to the interpretation of the love of Shanghai, users really recommend, but also the user clicks over is effective outside the chain of high quality. Many webmaster in this confused, according to the personal understanding, summed up as follows:

4. to B2B inside


document chain places, love Shanghai library or can do outside the chain, but the chain had better not do too obvious, the general editorial review will give you can not see through, you can do at the bottom of the article. Like the love Shanghai library to write a good article, guide. The library weight is quite good.

chain do not choose to be punished site, such as: now a lot of website site:www****贵族宝贝 is not in the first place, the basic is love Shanghai right down. Of course, there is also due to the absence of the chain home, resulting in the high ratio of home page weight, which we will conduct a detailed analysis of the. If you do not know of webmaster, according to this method the author come.

, for example, they release electrical articles, you can do the website if appliances. If somebody else’s article is not readable, you can go to publish an article. The article should have guiding role to the readers, and then the appropriate add URLs and guide them to click.

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