The WeChat public platform Shanghai ranked in love

search for the word "WeChat marketing", click on the URL below to look, suddenly found some strange URL, then look carefully, turned out to be the WeChat public platform in the hair of the article, we look at the screenshot below second



please take this question to read this:


opened in the second row of the site, see, look at his form. The following is the article page, WeChat


Through the case of This article through the



1, WeChat public platform content to participate in Shanghai ranked


on a map, we watch (see below, you know, the effect) we watch the hair before and after the public platform content of the station is what station is the first love of Shanghai encyclopedia, third is micro-blog, fourth is the news source, the fifth is WeChat open platform, Tencent therefore, the weight of WeChat in the public platform is quite high, we see below to know



ranked second in the web site, you will find what

? rankings, the effect how? at about 1000. public platform We watch love?2, if ?

take a look at the word "WeChat marketing" index, the word index

let’s talk about the first question: WeChat public platform content to participate in Shanghai ranked


can participate in the

address and the contents of the form we judge this is an article from a public platform, which means that WeChat public platform content in Shanghai ranked love. Although in the rankings, so how to effect

we continue to tell the two issues: the WeChat public platform content in Shanghai ranked love, how is the effect?

this afternoon, accidentally discovered a strange phenomenon, and we mainly discuss two problems:

we continue to see below: (you know) and then use the webmaster tools to look, we pay attention to see below, the word "WeChat search marketing", 3 stations appear on the home page, respectively is second, fifth, sixth, the three articles are from the WeChat public platform content