Shanghai dragon Er spiders don’t love you don’t blame

so, CSS is expressed in what way? Let’s take a look at:

3. Shanghai dragon

so as to "follow the web standards, web search records program can correctly display the page.

The content structure and layout of the

clean page is always in favor of the object search engine. Understand the favorite spider things, let us have these things, we will become a favored target.

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this is our Shanghai dragon Er is the most important point, the search engine for web search procedures (Web or Crawler) spider robot program (Spider), and the content of the page title title "is the most complete easy to handle.

The implementation of


there are two points: first, reduce network data upload. Second, the user waiting time is shorter, enhance the experience of.

if you often complain: why spiders don’t grab your content? I want to say: Shanghai dragon Er, don’t blame the spiders don’t love you

I also recently learned the following knowledge, I think this is my knowledge in previous work has not used had not noticed, but when I started to learn them before I realize how stupid I was

I write in the "Shanghai dragon Er why to learn HTML language" one article, first I will tell the search engine: the first step is to analyze your web page code. Because the search engine to see content position, this is the use of DIV, DIV can be more intuitive, more concise and orderly display content. If there was an error you displayed in table, will lead to misunderstanding the theme of the search engine, has a direct impact on the effect of Shanghai dragon.

! ! Reduce the network load

1. to improve the maintainability of

file can be managed separately, the benefit here is that you can only modify a CSS file, you can change the number of attributes.

today is to share is Shanghai dragon and CSS.