Rookie Er Shanghai Longfeng talk the importance of long tail keywords

Shanghai dragon is for what? You do 3 keyword rankings? Then do the first home page, how is that, if you do not have the user keyword search, it did not mean to do. At the same time Shanghai dragon around is not a search engine, but the user, because the user is the search engine of love love.

single from the layout point of view, when the end choice keywords, we will be in Pyramid, the layout of the structure, the spire of the tower for the two core keywords, keywords, tower bottom for long tail keywords, why put it at the bottom of the tower, it is not important? It is wrong, the mainstay of the tower, because it represents the the content of the site, it is supported by the whole of Pyramid, but the search engine and user attention is content.

long tail theory

when we stepped into the Shanghai dragon gate, doomed and indissoluble bound with the keyword is keywords, Shanghai dragon fighting pioneer, is the core of Shanghai dragon combat, pony today mainly want to say is the long tail keywords.

happened to turn the world upside down changes the user’s behavior, when they no longer need to search input simple words, they tend to enter the long tail keywords, because they feel that more accurate and more efficient.

believe in Shanghai Longfeng people understand the importance of the keywords, that is to position our potential customers, but often a lot of Shanghai dragon always pay close attention to the spire, also is the core keywords we said. They always think that as long as the core keywords positioning well, profit only but they underestimate the point the day and await for it, the importance of long tail keywords.

we do Shanghai dragon, there will be many site visits, the conversion rate is almost the same, this is because the core keywords although positioning widely, but not precise enough, sometimes we just wasted bandwidth.

Shanghai dragon is all to the user experience as the premise, and only focus on the core of key words, it is difficult to locate our target customers, including too widely, the competition will be big, sometimes we will find that the key to really want to do is just common industry terms, so we do feel unable to start, Shanghai dragon that is not only the spire, should pay more attention to the bottom of the tower, from the user perspective, there will be a market demand.

The rapid development of the Internet also makes : the bottom of the tower can not be ignored

long tail keywords although positioning is narrow, can be infinitely extended, this is the long tail theory, so when we do Shanghai dragon for the enterprise, can open up some long tail keywords, because of a long tail keywords is likely one of your users, so together is also a noticeable energy.


when the user login to your website, see first is the home page, but.

four: Shanghai Longfeng not for ranking, but to the conversion rate of

two: the demand will have a market