love the mule Web front end in the design and development of Shanghai dragon skills

< H1 id=" tk" >

< /h1>

when web front-end design, how to do the user and the Shanghai dragon concurrently, is every webmaster to consider the issue of a lot of time to do it is not easy, the finishing of several small skills, you can see.

this is the most common technique in LOGO processing, many people will take home LOGO and < H1> H1> < label, but the label; if there is no text, the effect is not good, so many people are on logo and ALT describe, but certainly is not directly the text or the anchor text of the effect is good, that is when we need to use this technique, we look at the general practice:

              < span> < /span> network Amoy owners;

Here we see how to use The following is the CSS Code:

              background-image: URL (lo>

h1#tk {

            < img src=" images/header-image.jpg" alt=" " /> network Amoy owners;

    < /a>

CSS to achieve the replacement of text image:

< /h1>

              width: 250px;

    < a href=" #" >

< H1 class=" main-logo" >

              height: 25px;

, a replacement text picture