How to query the web page is included in the love of Shanghai time

, do not like do not spray. The Shanghai dragon everyone needs a lot of understanding and analysis, so when difficulties come can lead easily solved, right down to what is not

love in April 9, 2009 Shanghai launched the world’s first special services to the elderly people’s search product. The elderly common medical treatment, weather, health

will speak about, anyway, there is no love Shanghai promotion problems, this is the real user search experience, this is my own

On the basis of

and other sites listed on the same page, click directly to find the desired content. I love Shanghai found an older version of a character, there is no love in Shanghai

when I log in Shanghai dragon why, also see someone mentioned, then the query around this problem, then a "tell me, love Shanghai was updated, is no change algorithm. Although nothing for me, is the difficulty of analysis deepened.



Wide Web site, you can see that Shanghai is indeed a old love for the elderly love Shanghai search engine, do not feel the love business, Shanghai is a little

for now love Shanghai search engine, it is more and more human intelligence, in order to improve the search experience for its users, increase the difficulty of optimization to Shanghai dragon ranking is more difficult, low quality. Illegal and not related to be right down, only the original content good site in the front row, improve users love Shanghai search experience deepened, so love Shanghai made a new update.

for a love Shanghai analysis weight judgment, not that Links snapshot updates. Users do not have to worry too much, in fact, love Shanghai there is a place you can see to the snapshot update time, I do not know whether we contacted the elderly here still love Shanghai, is available to.

recently, Shanghai dragon in this line we all noticed that Shanghai is "love update, included time disappeared. At this moment a lot of Shanghai dragon Er can not analysis the weight of a web site, many people are puzzled. In March 6th, a webmaster to get up after a face brush, the first thing is to open the computer, and then open the browser to query the web site, I was shocked, love Shanghai be included are the time display, how


on your head.

love Shanghai older version website: 贵族宝贝123.baidu贵族宝贝