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sometimes it is a very casual thing to see, but it is also a necessity. Some experts often read my article on A5 and think I’m very good. Add me to communicate with me, and let me join his group. Also follow him to learn SEO, and in his communication, let me really understand and operate SEO, equal to the chain said. Why is it important to SEO in the chain, in fact SEO with the facts of life, every site is equivalent to a person, in sh419 search Yang Wenjian shlf1314, which in the end is a website is the real Yang Wenjian, didn’t you say you are Yang Wenjian, you are Yang Wenjian, this is very easy to fake, only when in fact, people say you are Yang Wenjian, you voted in a website called Yang Wenjian, this is the real Yang Wenjian frequency is the largest. So are the people’s eyes are sharp. Each site has a link anchor text pointing to ***, which is equivalent to voting for ***, you are Yang, and if *** votes the most, then he is the real Yang Wenjian.

writing articles sharing is one of the most direct and simple sharing patterns. Don’t be afraid of copying others. Don’t be afraid to increase your competitors. You share more, and the more you get, the more you can strengthen yourself, and the distance to compete. The future of the Internet is an open and cooperative platform, and only open mind to accept others, can be accepted by others.

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now the Internet has a impetuous atmosphere, because the network is the myth of wealth too much, people also came to these myths, are hoping to within the shortest time to earn much money. With the psychology of people too much, unfortunately the reality is very skinny ideal is full. Ruthless realities defeated the once perfect dream. At last, more and more people chose to give up. Many people think that the Internet is deceptive and can not make money at all. So, one by one came in, one by one and left.

and novice can do are just some low Wangzhuan, effort but do not make money. If new people want to make money, they must have a breakthrough. This breakthrough is not technical, because new people often do not understand technology, the breakthrough here is a breakthrough in the network of people. If you want to make progress, you need to get out of your current circle and look for a higher circle, so you can have more resources, learn more skills and make more money. Man goes up high, but water flows downwards.

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can the Internet really make money? No, the Internet is profitable, and it certainly makes more money than it is in real life. But "pay is rewarded." this is the eternal truth, the same is true on the Internet, those who earn money is really paid.

impatient to eat hot tofu

this concept should be seen on the Internet often, but not to pay attention to, because we see too much information on the network, there are normal, there are errors. It’s hard for new people to tell which one is normal or wrong. So see, will not cherish. To see a point in the Internet is equivalent to an ordinary passer-by who says a word to you, and a trusted friend of yours says the same thing, and you will consider it carefully. Because ordinary passers – by gives you little information, and your relatives and friends give you a very high rate of accuracy.

people go up high,

the Internet is a place where gold is available — many people think so. As a result, more and more people have joined the tide of making money on the Internet, there are failures have also been successful. Yesterday, Zhang Qing met a new friend do Wangzhuan in a group, her purpose is very simple, is to make money on the Internet, but very confused do not know where to do, don’t know what to do. In this case, almost all new people have. I also came from the new people, so I want to talk about some of their views, hoping to give new friends a little help.

Internet is the key to loneliness, because you may have one to two months or even six months have no income. But the only thing you can do is to be patient, and you have to believe that your efforts will end

Birds of a feather flock together., Like attracts like. An Internet newcomer, at first, was very strange to the internet. At this time, the new person is not looking for a master, but with some of their own level of almost the same people together to study and discuss, because they feel that this will allow them to have a sense of belonging. Master – for new people, seems to be a very distant concept, after all, not at the same level, the master said too abstruse, novice do not understand, novice question is too simple, master too lazy to answer. Coupled with the master is generally not active or voluntary to help new people, and new people to look at the money too. So these new people can only learn from each other, but this progress is very slow, and this and 0+0=0 is a reason.

, an expert in Shandong, Ji’nan, is now working in the government, basically without the internet. He has a great influence on me on the Internet. Every net friend should have these friends who can communicate with each other so as to make progress in communication and straighten out the thinking in communication. If you’re looking for a friend, it’s really simple and active to show you what you’re worth. Use your value to attract others, the Internet is a platform for development and sharing. The more you share, the more you get.