Scouring the sea with the new deal with the purchase of new postal taxes also need to change

March 2nd news, cross-border import electricity supplier will implement a new tax system after the news spread, the industry is about to usher in the upcoming changes in bonded imports have been the end". Some critics said that if the channel bonded to cancel the $50 threshold, and the value added tax (or VAT and consumption tax) 70%, while the original parcel tax still exists, and then express mail (customs parcel tax paid the amount of personal items) may be re up. However, the issue of whether the postal tax rate will change accordingly has not been clear.



practitioners to billion state power network that, if the cross-border electricity levy comprehensive new tax, but the original parcel tax rate unchanged, will benefit the sea Amoy purchasing industry. "As to the maternal and child food, cosmetics, cheap (less than 100 yuan) based products, cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive tax rate parcel tax, so these products will stimulate more walking off postal channels, purchasing living space will become larger."

however, this judgment has not been confirmed, the day before the news, according to a cross-border Free Trade Zone issued documents revealed, cross-border tax reform at the same time, the original parcel tax will also be adjusted accordingly, from the current 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, four, 30%, adjusted to 15% 60%, third, 50 yuan threshold.

billion state power network to understand, parcel tax is one of most people may not clear taxes, small occupied in the national fiscal revenue proportion. Customs data show that in 2014 the first 11 months of the total levy tax of $441 million 309 thousand.

in fact, at present, China Customs has two tax rules for imported goods: one is the enterprise to buy foreign goods into the Chinese and used to store sales (i.e. general trade imports), the customs tariff and import value-added tax; another is by individuals with or into the postal items collection parcel tax.

parcel tax belongs to the value-added tax, consumption tax, tariff "three tax tax superposition, a simple collection of keywords is" personal items, including tax object arrivals, transport, service personnel carry taxable luggage and personal postal articles, gift items, and by other means of personal entry goods, the tax rate is divided into 10%, 20%, 30% and 50% four tranches (less than 50 yuan, the general exemption) lower than similar imported goods tax.


in order to promote the development of cross-border retail electricity supplier of imports as of now, the customs to go channel bonded imported goods, including bonded delivery mode and BC mode (i.e. sunshine cross-border direct mail), parcel tax levied. At the same time, the traditional sea Amoy as well as overseas purchasing is also in accordance with the personal postal items to pay tax.


parcel tax will rise sharply the news has not been confirmed, but the industry to billion state power network pointed out that if the parcel tax rate is rising news >