The whole process of the optimization of the railway station to the station

The station optimization

of bovine B in the first 3 months of technology, how powerful means to make your site traffic increase website ranking to the home, but I still want to tell you, you this website or new sites, regardless of your weight is high, he is a new station. This is the point that you must understand, do not think that their website weight high, more traffic, they can from the new body, it is not possible.

No matter how you use the


is a new

new station to improve its own weight

is currently online about how to optimize the site of the tutorial, or some training, they are talking about how to optimize the site, in fact a few real practice, is how to develop a new, interim and how should development, there is a lot of friends on the site optimization have some misunderstandings on the search engine and work principle don’t know, I will together with you to discuss the whole process of the optimization of the railway station to the station should be how to, hope for the novice or bottleneck to help a friend.

Three months before

layout is very important, first of all we need to know is one thing, what is our website? Is the news station, portal station or the official website > Product Introduction

is a website the most important is the website ranking, the website weight is one of the most important, but the Internet is not the weight of statistical standards and not accurate, because the statistics tool is in accordance with the Shanghai love index and web site rankings to give weight to your current. Because we are cheating for this kind of weight, for example we can write a long tail keywords, or do some brand word, then brush these words, you can do so on the weight, improve the site itself weight should be starting from the structure of the site itself.

from the structure of the site itself, then the layout site is the site of the station optimization and the user experience as the starting point to do, here to talk about the station optimization, is on the whole optimization, your site will be the formation of a spider web, all believe this point very easy? The most important something in the content inside, because the weight of the content is the highest, why? Because when spiders crawl the page he will denoising, repeat things are deleted, and each article pages are most unlikely to repeat that it was only the article, so the article content inside us to do the anchor text, the anchor text can point to the home page, also can point to the page, here we propose that the anchor text pointing to pages must be more than the home page Moreover, some do not often use the specified page anchor text, because it is very easy to be judged as excessive optimization. In this paper the content inside, we often use h2h3bstrong like tags to improve the contents of the article, as well as illustrations is the best.

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