The novice must read in depth interpretation of the site within the chain


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for the site within the chain, optimization of personnel to be familiar, but for some just contact Shanghai dragon friends, and no deep understanding of the site within the chain, today he told some is in a confused state of Shanghai Longfeng novice, all about the site within the chain.

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, third pages, not only can increase the weight of the ZhengZhan keywords, also can drive the article page, the product page ranking. Have N many long tail keywords good ranking, will make your site traffic to enhance the quality.

chain is to be related to the theme of the page together, allowing users to access a piece of information, you can find numerous related information, enhance the user experience, the correlation degree is increased, also increased the amount of user access.

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is the site of a breadcrumb structure linear logo, reflects the website structure level, to help visitors (spiders) quickly understand the content of the website, forming a very good sense of position.

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second, the chain is provide a lot of entrance for spiders, convenient spider web crawling, this back and forth to bring two benefits, the 1 was to greatly increase the page exposure rate, thus increasing the collection rate; 2 is conducive to weight transfer between the entire web page.

site within the chain can be divided into three modes:

here generally refers to the left navigation, list page, content page links (such as: related links, recommended articles, the latest information, etc.) can give the user more entrance and the spider.

, the first page relevance to improve

will be recommended in the column navigation conspicuous, both included, to help transfer weight website, also allows users to quickly find the information you want.

so, what are the benefits to build the site within the chain of

said the website user experience, in addition to the server stability and website frame for reading outside the site within the chain layout is also very important. What is the site within the chain? Simply, refers to each other links between pages! Called Sitelinks optimization. Chain layout excellent website, to enhance the website included the number and weight is very helpful.

, a lot of people love Shanghai ranked lies in the construction of the chain, the chain is important, of course, was very important, still is. But now, the internal link is absolutely can not be ignored, it will be between the web pages and is linked together, make the site overall sense and correlation have been demonstrated greatly. In this paper, by the 贵族宝贝xzxthb贵族宝贝/ station first please note!

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