The site is suitable for the noble baby search engine ranking


in fact, from the new algorithm the nobility baby, baby do noble is a very valued user experience. No matter for the love of Shanghai, or for the noble baby, or any other search engine, the user experience is the lifeblood of their survival. If a search engine can not meet the needs of users, or users are not friendly, it will inevitably lose the search engine market. Recently, the major search engines are changing, which purpose is to strengthen the creation of technology, which is more suitable to the needs of users. For web search, search engines will focus on user evaluation on the web, this is behoove things.

mostly focus on search engine noble baby webmaster all know, noble baby recently updated the new algorithm. Whether this new algorithm is going on, I’m afraid no one can understand webmaster technical personnel. However, many experts through research, also learned some new information about the new algorithm. The industry on the new algorithm nobility baby said: baby very highly recommended several aristocratic and related evaluation of the user’s web page is, in order to determine the page keyword in the search engine rankings. Many webmaster will ask, if this is the case, then the noble baby also suitable for keywords ranking? To solve this problem, I would like to talk about their own views.

according to this view, then for the new website, it is very difficult to do a good job ranking. Because not only is the industry, the competition which keywords, strength is great, but to get a better ranking in search engines, so in the rankings will be more than a few large web pages. And the user experience of the website, the inevitable traffic should be higher than many new sites, so it is not easy to get good rankings in search engine. We see a picture:

keywords rankingThe

noble baby: focus on the user experience

website is not easy to get good rankings

from the figure, we see not hard, keyword ranking home page is the eBay website, and other sites to have good rankings, so we must compete on ebay. However, eBay is the third largest e-commerce site in the United States, who can compete with

keyword ranking nobility baby is really not good to do that. From the current situation, the chain is very little for the ranking of the role played by. To do traffic and user evaluation ", first of all need to page ranking in search engines. And now the situation is that the owners need to do flow, do rankings, optimization difficulty multiply. However, I think it is not operating. But, do noble baby ranking need to transform strategy. "No traffic, through video marketing or marketing community to obtain the corresponding flow, with the flow, ranking will naturally have. But, this operation will be more difficult.

in fact, not only is the noble baby so, love Shanghai, 360 the same, at present.

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