Case analysis single page love Shanghai traffic more than 3~4 million



indeed, simulation results and spider access to return to the original page is completely different, it also produced site so many different content page is open but the same content, this point is not difficult to achieve program judgment. Here we found that the man of God is through such means to deceive Baidu, but look at other search engines is bleak, and this may be mainly related to Shanghai love him. Some people may think, even if he is in this way the love of Shanghai, but also does not represent 6 months, can so many popular words to get love first to Shanghai, we then look down.

see this I believe everyone’s eyes, more than 6 months of the site, love Shanghai index 6823 are in the first row, and there are a lot of words are ranked the first home page. We open a look, turned out to be a Taobao guest single page, and no page.


included 3960 is how the birth of it? We look through the site page will be found, are with the single page as like as two peas. At the same time, we also find that open source files, title, kewords, description it all and to love Shanghai completely disagree, including the home page. Here is what is hidden in the


It was further observed

today in the group by a lot of people see the station hot, can not help but also to observe a moment. How many words do not look down, step by step.



we can see that some pages love Shanghai included access to the return status code is normal 200. This is very strange, why the normal page shows the contents are the same page, and view the source documents are the love Shanghai but as like as two peas? Site results page, why title is not the same? Don’t be silly to spider love Shanghai, exactly the same as the page title and other content included. And are not the same! It reminds me of a little, is not the man with a cover up, and let the user see spiders see the content is not the same. Look at the following use of spider simulation tool test results:

The trick?

included page, through the love of Shanghai found many page snapshot snapshot has been deleted, and some pages and the snapshot page content is not the same, its content and love Shanghai search results provided by title, description.

using the domain syntax query, return a lot of love Shanghai know page. The same love Shanghai snapshot, this.