According to the user’s thinking to create hot traffic Everfount

from the two cases above can be analyzed, site traffic is not just a single, common content and ranking, although can bring certain flow, but this method is too "stereotyped" approach, now with the development of Shanghai dragon, webmaster should go deeper in the direction of exploration, to find hot spots according to the user’s thinking, and let the site has a Everfount flow. The article by Ceng Yuwen (single game network http>

also includes a lot, such as the recent hot selling mobile phone iPhone, since iPhone4 after the news, iphone5 rumors are more and more, we all know that the China copycat products up before the Apple Corp’s iphone5 mobile phone is not listed, large amount of copycat product has been to the market, and the results of iphone5 the future, instead it is iPhone 4S, this may make a lot of copycat manufacturers: "I am ready to cry on each other’s shoulder iphone5 packaging are printed, cheating". Search volume below to see the "virtual" iphone5 products:

, I think the user’s thinking determines the keyword search, for example, we see a drama, because every day to watch, the plot and content also had a big interest, when the end of the drama, there is a feeling so much lead a person to endless aftertastes, people will go to the online search related this TV play content, such as whether there are second, or are there some follow-up. Previously often see the country love story, a total of four, fourth a total of 37 sets, many users will search "country love story 438", and a website will use this title to bring a lot of traffic.

since the country love 4, 5 village love will have many users attention, here’s a look at 5 of the country love does not exist in the TV series in search volume, how much love Shanghai:


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Search volume

to make the site traffic, you must make more keywords in ranking, keyword ranking factors in addition to the site itself, part of a keyword mining is also important, now many webmasters will use holiday or hot events to lead flow, such as many long use hot love Shanghai billboard to drainage because the content is relatively high degree of attention to the user, so the site visits will greatly increase.


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the highest was close to 650 thousand, the search amount is so large, of course, many websites will not miss this opportunity to flow even if they detonate, website weight is not high enough, rows can be assigned to a certain flow in second or third pages, see ZOL product introduction: