Analysis of love Shanghai eliminate the chain master the law of quality chain construction skills


1, the chain of Web site is easy to delete

of course, I also see some other site outside the chain page, that can be included in the pages is Gao Quanzhong the web site, you can also see their own chain site included page, the first page in the chain all are absolutely high weight chain. In addition, web site visits page also calculate the weight of high high page, so this page will generally not be deleted, and traffic low page is very dangerous.

so the chain of the first to note is the selection of the weights of the high site, but also the choice of the high popularity of the forum, because the link you see someone will appear important, no one to see you is a useless links, search engine will think you this link is of no great importance, deleted it anyway.

2, K had been a blog or forum account to link easily by deleting

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. Everyone in the process of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai will encounter more or less love we eliminate the chain page, sometimes even a sudden love Shanghai out of our hundreds, even thousands of connections, this is very bad for our website, it will affect the ranking to fluctuations in our website, heavy direct right down, can not see the rankings, so let the people fear and angry, but we have no way to more time. So the study on this kind of situation is imperative, this time I seriously look at why the chain I love Shanghai will be removed, here I got some experience.

!The weight of

I see a lot of my site outside the chain, most of the chain are some weight high site, although there are some unknown small websites, but the weight of these web pages is pretty good. Outside the chain of some small websites and saw before my article has been removed in the sea without mercy. The same principle applies to the chain yourself hair, for example in Shanghai, I love to know the hair of the post are not deleted, but after a period of time to see some small sites outside the chain of hair can not find.

I think so, love Shanghai will eliminate some of the chain page, but it is not casually blind out, there are still certain rules, the important point is that we must grasp the most fundamental point: Shanghai will eliminate our love from the chain page inside what page? This problem seems not a good answer, but a careful analysis you will find love Shanghai, eliminate some of the poor quality of low weight page! But it will be faced with a problem, the chain page is what kind of poor quality low weight? I am specific to talk about some of his own ideas, and we discuss together to discuss

if the chain is not properly, most of the time will be Sina, Tianya some blog forum website K off, as a result, over time you will find your site outside the chain will be reduced greatly (>