Based on the analysis of what is more in line with the soft readers readers’ appetite

"although the article is very professional, but the content is dull as ditch water will not look down, see half the

believe this is the most often complain that many readers in reading articles is the feeling, a lot of people wrote copious and fluent several thousand words, but let the reader, do not know the subject of the article, so this article to the editor of the Journal of the stomach? Article may day to review hundreds of articles, the most quickly let the reader read your article, has seriously affected the quality of your. So when we write text we must pay attention to our soft Wen said that, the content of the theme as soon as possible, not reluctantly, test your patience.

"what to write, copious and fluent more than 1000 words, but do not clear the theme of this article is what

2 as far as possible in the first paragraph of the article.

1 of the content of reasonable segmentation, good use of bold or Arabia digital

1 the best content with the current popular events linked, such as you write the site’s user experience, can be combined with the recent love Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience and add the "add beloved Shanghai >

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A5 webmaster articles you will find every day old webmaster share how to write soft article here, no matter how the idea is how to get the material, said very detailed, but these simple reasoning really useful? With a friend of me for example, every day he came back here to learn, and then go back to writing articles, but these articles are ruthlessly returned, why is this? This isn’t to say that there are actually a lot of false information, misleading beginners, but many articles we did not seize the psychology of the readers, do not know what kind of soft Wen is the most "stomach", many people put their own people read the article write down the feelings is the best writing essentials.

we have to say there are many webmaster circles master in A5, from their articles generally have good readability, but some articles often appear a very embarrassing problem, that is to learn A5 many are novice, they do not have much understanding of the industry, and this time if our article is the beginning of a lot of professional terms, I think they may have initially confused, so in the author’s point of view, we can divide the "vernacular", explained by the plain language, let us mention the content of interest, to learn more, to seize the user eye. This point for those skilled but has not written by the webmaster friends, this approach is particularly critical.

fast soft skills:


boring techniques:

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3 on the subject of the article, the main content displayed on the essence of the title