Urumqi will build a professional market e commerce service platform

2010, the capital of Urumqi will begin to build a professional market of e-commerce public service platform. After the completion of the platform, the capital of the dealer through e-commerce platform can be visited mainland wholesale market.

May 25th, reporters from the Xinjiang Productivity Promotion Center learned that this year, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will focus on supporting the construction of public service platform, professional e-commerce market, realize the transition from traditional economy to the new economic model of the pavement.

it is understood that the current capital of shoes, clothing, electrical etc. have more than 30 professional wholesale market, but the business model also belongs to the traditional shop sales.

in late June 2010, the imperial shoe city public service e-commerce platform will begin to build, to the end of the construction can be completed platform portal and operation center.

then, imperial shoe merchants can stay at home through the Internet platform wholesalers in Guangzhou market to buy goods, the public can also through the Internet "electronic shops shopping" imperial shoes.

is in charge of the project, Xinjiang Productivity Promotion Center Party branch secretary Yang Weimin said: "the imperial shoes as Central Asia’s largest footwear professional wholesale mall, built e-commerce platform, businesses in addition to physical stores, will also have electronic stores. The most important is the management of channel widening.

"channel wide, the market naturally big. We will also build e-commerce platform in Kazakhstan terminal. When capital businesses can not only through the network to choose the supply of Guangzhou, Central Asia, businessmen can also choose the capital market goods through the Internet in the Kazakhstan terminal, so that the formation of Guangzhou – Xinjiang – Kazakhstan supply chain. With the development of animal husbandry. Yang Weimin said.

science and Technology Bureau relevant responsible person said to within five years, the use of e-commerce technology, finance and other modern service platform, covering the capital billion yuan more than the market, to enhance the core competitiveness of the capital as the link of Eurasia business center logistics center city.