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December 24, 2015 (Christmas Eve)

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Merry Christmas

2015 is about to end the 2016 update of dynamic search engine giant love Shanghai affects countless grassroots webmaster heart, love in 2016 Shanghai will pay more attention to the development of the mobile terminal and the original content of the friendly.

, a "love Shanghai search Mobile (mobile friendly) Friendly standard V1.0


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App, the number of commonly used App


how to search? How to get users to search this technical >?

the premise is: high cold, playfully App, also need to have a H5


love Shanghai search for you

2015 love Shanghai mobile process to add a

two, "love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design standard"

when the user in the mobile phone by the Shanghai love search results, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, the loading time, the search results page browsing experience, resources or function of the ease of use, the page meets the mobile terminal adapter, can affect the mobile user experience satisfaction. The love of Shanghai is committed to helping mobile users obtain better mobile page browsing experience, mobile friendly degree is an important evaluation factor.

what makes them waiting for

standard is to tell the webmaster, how the mobile page is popular, not only in the search engine, love Shanghai more encourage owners to build web pages from the user’s point of view.


hundreds of mobile web technology responsible person, Shanghai Longfeng responsible person, the person in charge, the mobile App technology entrepreneurs gathered in

this is a lot of App developers must have pain.

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love Shanghai double standard search mobile station & App


standard, the "mobile friendly" tools in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform tools "mobile zone" on the line, you are not the love of Shanghai "good friends", a glance!