Show new optimization must have four hearts

second, a new station, be careful.

Optimization of

optimization of new sites, what are possible. The ranking is also very unstable. Sometimes, the ranking is also good morning, afternoon went to 100, or update went to 100, this for a new station is very normal. Many people at this time is extremely depressed. Do not know how to start. To repeatedly ask myself whether is wrong. The website was drop right. In fact, for a new sites, you must be, otherwise, you will be tired. Very tired. The heart must be relaxed, as long as in normal operation. There will be no big problem, of course, you have to check the parameters of the key, as long as you don’t doubt that everything is normal, the suspect. Must be relieved. Every new update will give you a surprise, this ranking is not good, not equal to, the next ranking is not good. Because some love Shanghai database problem! Avoid the emergency station.

third, a new station, must be relieved.

first, optimization of a new station, must have patience.

show contact site optimization has nearly 2 years of time, have optimized the site also has a few, at present still can. For the optimization of the new sub station show that people have four hearts.

new station on the line, like a newborn baby, what will have, therefore, must have the patience to railway station. The child was just born, can say can not eat too much, do not eat a lot of digestion. As a new and so. Don’t start, give it a lot of articles. Do a lot of the chain. To make the site, both short-term rankings, has a great flow. This is not realistic. To learn how to make a site with a gradual process, this process requires the optimization of a good attitude, add the appropriate, do some outside chain.

fourth, a new station, must you

website building from the ground, new optimization must be careful, with a very popular network language "vulnerable". The new station is started based, must lay a good foundation. A lot of people, a new on-line immediately want to do optimization, ranking immediately want to do. This is a very taboo. The layout of the site keywords structure must be reasonable. Think of how to do, how to do, how to choose keywords. Don’t do half and hurry to change this for keywords, the site itself is bad. A new station on the line for the website is the assessment period. The preparation is not delay your time.

Optimization of

do anything, must have perseverance, optimization of the railway station, is the same, there must be perseverance. Even if the technology is good, how strong your ability, no perseverance what things can not be done well. As a new station, need a star. For the website optimization, no end point. The popular website is the need to manage the. As these new popularity, is certainly not.

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