The electricity supplier website in Shanghai Longfeng simple keywords to take the unusual way

  third to hide information about the electricity supplier, do so very much like Denon eight in Jane long chess game, with the death of the principle, so that the electricity supplier website can.

  but the realization of the rise in the traditional search engine to love Shanghai, the difficulty is not small, although the love Shanghai release on Taobao pages included, but often the rankings are based on the following page, unless they have some very important content, otherwise it is very difficult to improve rankings, so comprehensive consideration, in order to enhance the search engine rankings, can from the following three aspects.

  the first commodity rich details, product details page is often the best place to further expand the content of the goods, but also can enhance the search website ranking of the best way to make a fuss, more detailed information on the page, the user will help more people want to buy desire will be more intense, such as a mobile phone sales page. In addition to the mobile phone display of the page, but also the parameters of the mobile phone, the performance and function of the detailed analysis, and compared with other mobile phone, allowing users to understand more three-dimensional mobile phone content, so that it can effectively promote the desire of consumers to buy.

business website mainly includes two forms, one is based on the Taobao based independent website, the other is a professional website and provide corresponding interface to Tmall or Taobao on the purchase page, some owners on the operating business website, also often in two ways, but because of a few years ago love Shanghai for the electricity supplier industry site shielding, because a large number of pages included the purchase, is not conducive to the user experience, so I love Shanghai shielding Taobao, is popular in the industry.

  but due to freezing between Taobao and love between Shanghai was thawed, so now fell in love with the sea has begun to show some of the main shopping page appears in Shanghai love search results, which means that the electricity supplier website can already enter the search engine, the use of search engine optimization to enhance the site’s ranking, so that the electricity supplier site to get a traffic entrance, increase the income of the site, but also can reduce the use of search engines, in the Taobao search on the competitive and cost pressures.

  second open content exclusive page, in fact, Taobao can do, for professional business website, this nature is very simple, as long as the increase of a related commodity channel can be realized, and for the Taobao store, you can create a two level directory, and then in the two stage directory, upload some special and sell their products on the content, or take the mobile phone as an example, then upload some mobile phone operation information, allowing users to use more comprehensive good sales of your products, at the same time open up the contents of the page can also create some long tail keywords, such as where to sell mobile phone, mobile phone what the cost performance is high, so it can improve effectively the proportion of electricity supplier website included, increase website visibility and rankings.