The details of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


well, you know what words are sensitive words such as "China?", or some of the leaders of the name. What is the best website, with as little as possible, is not the most sensitive words, but also to deceive consumers, not to mention the user experience. There are a lot of people blog, updated Internet users see love (you know), a lot of results included is not very good or included is deleted, may be because of the emergence of sensitive words. Do not say anything else, at least the website, especially Tags which can not appear sensitive words, or drop right what may occur at any time.

cry piteously for food?

first, network sensitive words can not be ignored.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization do? Buddies know, Shanghai dragon that simple, that is also very difficult. Shanghai lies in the simple basic knowledge of dragon is not difficult for beginners to master quickly; it is algorithm variability and uncertainty, most of the people are the master ranking algorithm rules, such as the real God very rare. Yes, Shanghai is a vast sea dragon. This is not a holiday can’t sleep, said some optimization of Shanghai Longfeng details, the author.

friends, do you remember the Daming Lake is how to "Xia Yu." the oath. Shanghai Longfeng need is patience and careful, be calm mind and meticulous in every aspect. In this way, will have a good effect of good rankings. The Shanghai dragon as a task, every day is not too hurried to finish "

if you love Shanghai, sometimes remind you: according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies, some search results are not displayed. Often send information in Shanghai, Post Bar Phoenix Forum or QQ these well-known sites may know, sometimes detect sensitive words (bad language) cannot be published or be harmonious. Even the big sites are so much, and we hand the station

has made a lot of experiments show that the influence of the title is very important, bold, change the color of the font, have certain effect H tags, pictures alt and surrounding text, almost has no influence on the anchor text. But ask yourself, how many people write is not a title setting a anchor link to get throught a thing carelessly. Every time when you determine the title, there is no love in Shanghai to see if it is "a commonplace talk of an old scholar"? Not to mention the content of reasonable edit! You can only say that the Shanghai dragon optimization has not yet begun to have ended.

second, the content of readability editing.

webmaster work can be said very hard, every day is the hair of the chain, doing a "sleep", if not more. As we all know, now pay attention to the high quality pure original articles have been written, is the most important work content, Shanghai dragon. Some owners after several years of practice, found not to go to the newspaper editor is Qucai, can only say that the industry experience of talent kazakhstan. But do you know how to read love Shanghai?