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chooses investors to some extent marry the same, because this person will be integrated into your life and will fight side by side with you for a long time. In fact, investors have good, there will be general, so entrepreneurs must choose the right for you or for your company’s investors.

2. does this investor understand your startup project,

in these three weeks of monitoring, understand notes, found that the three platforms have some innovation. Among them, the seeds of second-hand car for a new round of financing, will continue to invest in technology, team and other aspects of the brand, the core technology of "melon brain" are also constantly upgrading; excellent letter of second-hand car also seek to upgrade the brand, the layout of the line stores, launched the direct purchase service.

1. what additional value could the investor bring?


secondly, in the comparison of the WeChat index, the melon seed used car showed a greater leading edge, with the 58003 row in the first; the WeChat index of all cars was 20832, and the excellent second-hand car was 13843. In the WeChat index trend contrast, the overall curve of the melon seed used car is in the leading position, and in June 15th, there has been a substantial rise; "good faith" used cars and all cars are showing the current situation of alternating leadership.

, for example, when you start a digital marketing venture, you need to be aware that this is the first time the investor has invested in such ventures. Without prior experience, the investor may not have connections with your industry, or do not have the ability to give you the right advice or decision. In addition to VC reports, LinkedIn is often an important channel for you to understand potential investors.



however, the entire used car industry has no clear profit model and >

in addition to some basic background checks, there are 5 questions that entrepreneurs should, or must, put forward to your potential investors.


finally, in contrast the overall volume of the brand, leading the seed of second-hand car, all cars in the middle, the minimum volume of second-hand car excellent letter. However, in the brand negative news, the three platforms have some negative, the excellent letter used car because of the car accident, service vulnerabilities and other issues, in the monitoring period to 24% negative at a disadvantage; negative seeds and all similar second-hand car car.

notes to understand analysis of second-hand car industry from the perspective of public opinion, the monitoring report period is from May 26th to June 15th of three weeks, the monitoring object is seeds of second-hand car, second-hand car and car all excellent letter three second-hand car business platform. In the analysis report, corporate headlines and understand notes, the above three platforms from a multi-dimensional analysis of the comparison.

looking for investors is more than just looking for money. It’s important to see whether investors understand your business model and whether you have experience in your industry. Entrepreneurs should know about the development of investors’ companies and their areas of concentration, which often reflect the investor’s broader knowledge of the industry you are in.


is as important as requiring investors to understand your entrepreneurial projects, and entrepreneurs should also be interested in how potential investors are interested in the types and areas of your entrepreneurial project. Is there any insight into whether or not he is also investing in an enterprise?

3., how interested are investors in the areas in which your venture projects?


although raising money basically looks like a process that needs to win investors, it’s actually a two-way choice. Investing in an investor does not mean that he or she is good for your business and that it brings additional value. When you choose to invest in your business, you are also choosing investors and are likely to choose partners who need to work together for many years.


has been concerned about the use of second-hand car electricity supplier finally ushered in the outbreak this week, melon seeds, used cars, gifted letters, used cars, car sets treasure and other platforms, have chosen to voice the same day. For a time, the news about the second-hand car electricity supplier overwhelming, and this also has a trillion market due heat.

how do you know you chose the right investor when you are using a large portion of the ownership of the business in return for an investment?

first, in the sh419 search index comparison, the best faith used cars to 45421 lead, melon seed used car to 35774 in the second place, everyone car slightly inferior, with 19914 in third place. In the search index trend, the seeds of second-hand car showing a relatively stable state; excellent letter of second-hand car during the first half decreased significantly, in June 3rd began to rise ahead; and everyone in the car still not a small gap behind the first two.

, to be honest, although it sounds funny, I’ve actually seen investors who know nothing about their investment projects, and there have been more than once. Entrepreneurs need to think carefully. What else do you need from investors other than cash?. You need a complete understanding of how to start from scratch and build a business, is a well versed in financing way and have enough experience to guide you, or one in a particular field, such as sales, marketing and product development experience who