Optimization of the webmaster should be how to do website keywords

said the web site keywords optimization, like a website "eyes" and "face", is the site initially showed the basic image in front of customers, as Shanghai dragon master, received most of the tasks is probably to do optimization keywords ranking, and key words related problems are also mentioned a problem most the. So, how to optimize the site keywords? In fact is nothing more than the experience and skills of the problem. Want to grow up to be a good webmaster, the experience of others is not for you, but the technique can pass, hope this article can help to you, this is my original intention.

second navigation. Set keywords in website navigation. After the keyword selection is good, to optimize the key words. To take into account the point is on the website to the attention of keyword density, density control of the main key words in 2% to 8% more appropriate. Set the key navigation in the site, is also in the website to increase keyword guidelines, and keyword related articles can be placed in this directory, the first is convenient for the user to view the contents of the site, but also helps to get spider. The webmaster can add keywords in the article label in writing, the fact that the label can search engines, so as to improve the site keywords ranking.

fourth, try to increase the keywords in the station link. In order to improve the density of keywords in the station, to consider is to increase the site within the chain, selected in the article.


first, choose the target. The first step to site keywords optimization is the most important step is to select keywords and ultimately determine the key words. Of course, the webmaster began to website when it is necessary to consider the keywords of the web site, not only is the title of the site also need to identify good keywords, long tail keywords should choose good, proper analysis of key words in the search engine competition strength and index in the choice of keywords, keyword competition is too strong not to choose, can choose the long tail keywords related ranking. Keywords determined, if you are using the WordPress program in the background directly add website title will be finished. As the site is on the main auxiliary subtitle, keywords, corresponding to determine just fine. The first step of this web site keywords is complete.

third, use Links in the optimization of key words. Friends of the chain to use keyword anchor text, once with my friends about this controversy: anchor text and direct URL, whose function is better? In fact, is indeed a function better anchor text, like the webmaster when doing keyword optimization, will use keyword anchor text form and the other station do Links, anchor text links can improve the keywords exposure, at the same time to transfer the weight of keywords. In addition to the station and other key words can also exchange friend chain, on its Web site to their home page to do keyword link, this link should be the site within the chain, can also increase the weight of keywords in the web site.