Jingdong large pharmacy double 11 debut on 100 thousand single pin hub

double 11 war in the war, as the first drug can not participate in the transactions online shopping festival, the pharmaceutical business practitioners are "desperate efforts": Ali health invited the star platform broadcast; other brand promotion activities envelopes all pharmacies. Today, there are people in the industry to billion state power network broke the news of the Jingdong this year 11 medical health field goal.

a, 100 thousand single: the first battle of the small pharmacy Jingdong

A person close to the

Jingdong pharmacy told billion state power network, the Jingdong large pharmacy self drug on the line, the volume of business growth, although it is the first time in 11, but its still set the day turnover of 100 thousand single target.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the Jingdong in 2013 the group’s "good Jingdong (Qingdao) Agel Ecommerce Ltd to lower the price of the acquisition of the" Qingdao Anji Hall large pharmacy ", November 2015 Anji hall officially won the Internet drug business license C. In May this year, Jingdong proprietary medical center, Jingdong large pharmacy officially opened, which can be directly purchased online OTC drugs, the Jingdong is responsible for the distribution of large pharmacies.

Jingdong official has said that the early days of large pharmacy online sales volume has more than 10 thousand single.

Jingdong is a large pharmacy suppliers told billion state power network, the current Jingdong large pharmacy category has exceeded 2000.

billion state power network in Qingdao food and Drug Administration website, since the Jingdong acquire large pharmacy C card has been changed for half a year, nearly 20 thousand square meters of warehouse and GSP at the end of May to carry out the inspection.


In addition to

warehouse and category expansion, the Jingdong large pharmacy according to standard COPC, set up 1500 square meters of pharmacy service center in Qingdao, the pharmacist online for medication guide consumers.

two, 400 million yuan: Jingdong pharmaceutical health category sales target


told billion state power network, for health the whole category sales target, Jingdong conservative in 400 million yuan, import and POP model linkage.

At present,

Jingdong health contains drugs, home medical equipment, health care products, tonic, health supplies, contact lenses and other products.

insiders told billion state power network, Pfizer, Dong’e Tongrentang, gelatin and other brands this year will with the Jingdong health cooperation extended to drug section, so this year the two drug sales accounted for 11 will be greatly improved.

three, new tricks: astigmatism contact lenses debut

as a pharmaceutical sales of electricity supplier explosion models, contact lenses every year each platform primarily, in the self contact lenses category this year for the first time the Jingdong expanded the classification of astigmatism.

astigmatism contact lenses to buy at least because of the axis, myopia, astigmatism three