Novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon

, just started to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon feel confused:

1, the diagnosis of their own website

two, how to plan their work

keyword layout planning

three, how to learn

In fact, as long as a good grasp of the overall direction of

2, and the station for the

corresponds to a novice, just contact Shanghai dragon is very passionate and energetic, after a period of study and its application, it is easy to feel puzzled and confused at a loss, especially when it comes to love Shanghai not updated frequently, the novice will easily feel no effect or very hard small, I don’t know what to do, don’t know how to arrange the time, but do not know how to plan and promote their own websites. About promotion group many, many just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice had the stage, they do not know how to promote the optimization, looking for guidance or to participate in professional training or for Shanghai dragon; Shanghai dragon teacher, the aim is to let them tell what to do; in fact, I want to say is, in fact, there is no relationship, no one knows the Shanghai dragon people will go to give you guidance, to answer your question, may begin to tell you, but you always want to answer, is impossible, really rely on my own; following the Linyi forum for this case specific talk:

optimization can, then according to the overall direction to grasp the details of the optimization, and conscientiously do every detail planning, so that it is possible to meet a lot of practical problems, to communicate, so there will be progress, rather than ask others and how to improve the website the weight and the specific flow; I think a good grasp of the three points can be:

when you understand the general optimization direction, will be targeted to study Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, we are going to practice; take the first point, there is a lot you can learn, can see your website open speed, user experience, and whether the generation of static background, whether Keywords tag, whether breadcrumb navigation, whether have ALT tags, page keyword density, Bangui call is reasonable and so on, many of the details are really need to slowly understand, so you met a problem to communicate with others, but not always ask how to quickly improve the flow, how to improve weight fast, can give Shanghai dragon or ask the diagnosis; some basic questions, like Shanghai easy answers.

3, the chain construction site


when you put the whole problem is decomposed into many small nodes, you will find many places to learn, you will have to learn, not every day is to send the chain, looking for friends of the chain, feel no effect, he will feel more and more without enthusiasm, very confused, do not know what do.