Traffic landing page Shanghai have to pay attention to the details of the promotion of love

then we deeply talk about traffic landing page. The work we did above, in fact, is carried out around a center, it is the user experience. If a visitor by clicking directly to find what he wanted to see the product, this is certainly an excellent experience. So how can we put the user experience to achieve the ultimate


do not know you love Shanghai in the daily optimization promotion, have not noticed this detail. I have seen a man to promote creativity, clear all pointing to their home. It’s really good?

is an example. For example, we are in the service business website construction and other business. Then we put the word "website construction" in Shanghai in the promotion of love. Bid, keywords, creative OK, but URL is the default access point directly to the home page. If the home page navigation smooth and clean us, not much other information, visitors can easily find your product. But if our home has to do other business, navigation is not so clear, so easy to imagine, visitors can find the product you


what can we do? The flow out! He wants to see is a free website, then give him. If >


Then, for example

is through the search words to determine the user’s search intention, and give positive feedback and guide the search intention.

is the best way, directly to the default access URL related promotion set your product list page. In this way, through the love of Shanghai promotion to visitors can directly see what you want to find products. If you love Shanghai to bring traffic jump loss rate is relatively high, may wish to take note of the small details. Of course, to note here is that the jump loss rate high reason is not only the landing page scheduling problems, such as the user experience of reading is not good, poor quality of higher navigation, visual factors will cause such a result. We should not mechanically read hastily and without thinking.


. For example, some people search for such a word – "free website construction". If we still make the traffic landing page is set as the product list page, the client may be directly off the page. Why? Because he can’t find what you want to see. The word has been very clear to tell us that he is looking for the construction site service, and free. If we do not have any outstanding display of their products in low price, free activities, so what would a customer locations to see

traffic landing page, as the name suggests, is the first page of your visitors open access link. This page may be home, there may be a collection of pages, there may be a single product page for details. In Shanghai love promotion of creative writing, we can be any belong to our website links to fill up, so you can let visitors see directly you want them to see the page.