Shanghai dragon Er website ranking good habits

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fifth, Shanghai dragon Er do strict test in the local line on the site before, to ensure a correct part, website will also pre planning content posted up, so that when the line on the website content, website to avoid naked on the line, this site is the same industry, by customers you see feel funny after seeing that you not love, the strength of enterprises in Shanghai to see the website that you >

this is not a top Shanghai dragon optimization technology of the article, if you just want to learn Shanghai Dragon technology, the author of this article also tell you not for you, because you are at the most basic level of a Shanghai dragon, dragon in Shanghai team, you still belong to a Shanghai Longfeng strategy implementation role Shanghai dragon team record, behind the enterprises rely on the culture, but culture can unite the people, only when people are together, together will form a team, create amazing performance, such as Alibaba, such as love Shanghai, such as Tencent and Sina…… technology only is the foundation, then you will ask me, webmaster good habits and culture what? I told you, behind the Shanghai dragon team culture is Shanghai dragon Er mentality, Buddhism: from the heart Exit, your turn, good heart, everything in the nature of the good. Our Chinese ancestors, since ancient times, our education "social commitment, inspired God helps those who help themselves," these 8 words to the Li Yanmin very deep, but the website Shanghai dragon’s success is inevitably the law of success, a good attitude to develop good habits, good learning, good mood to let you use the Shanghai dragon method find the right direction, if you can do, so unremittingly to do so, then you can use the habit for good website ranking, "the three day is doomed, carefully designed a good habit, seven by hard work" I firmly believe that the success of the 70% Shanghai dragon from Shanghai Dragon Phoenix er Shanghai dragon er.

second, Shanghai dragon ER in web development must make a detailed website according to the product positioning, enterprises, key words including your home page, column page keywords keywords, keywords and content products.

, the first Shanghai dragon Er to select high-quality server in the server selection, the author suggests looking for new nets or network of the most stable, the domain name choice must choose to concise, simple and easy to remember, the space must be good for the record.

third, keyword distribution well, to do the related content and keywords. The most common is the site within the chain, the chain reflects is a website structure of humanity.

fourth, the structure of the web site, in fact, when do the second step, Shanghai dragon Er can depict the site of the general architecture, based on this website in architecture, Er to Shanghai dragon each page content and keywords about website to each page of the Title and description Er, Shanghai dragon to ensure website your static URL.