Shanghai dragon ER good use of web resources do not abuse the sub domain

three, sub domain authority best separate


channel does a lot, there are a lot of sub domain. Because the A5 station is getting more popular, users need more things, can only use the sub domain can solve the website resources, so when website popularity high, want to make money, can use the sub domain. But the personal feeling of weight A5 forum is very high indeed, it seems more than their own weight. Because of the popularity of A5 forum activity rate than home, this is my personal opinion.

when a site to what extent you can use the sub domain, when a website channel content is very rich, but also accumulated a lot of popularity channel page or when enough content, then converted into sub domain so that the best. Why, because a website can row to love Shanghai search engine page, its origin is very important, so the home page weight increase, it needs to be better prepared. If from a site weight very high site, like our A5 station network, its weight is very high, so everyone in the A5 article, very much in favor of the search engine. The ranking in front of the weight is higher, vice versa. We usually zhuzhandian the highest weight, then the sub domain will be inherited from primary succession, how much weight! Look at the quality of site and sub domain. Figure A5 station


sub domain authority is best separately, play than say: 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5.c>

related sub domain, your main site itself and sub site repeat, will only be search engine that same theme. For example: "if the site is about the Shanghai dragon, and then get a sub domain called search engine optimization, search engine is not well understood these two themes, because the relationship between high". This will only distract two the weight of the site, do not suggest the webmaster. When a web content difference is very large, and the associated degree is not high, if the use of sub domain, will produce two sites, is also search engine on the site that other themes. The contents of correlation is not high and has to be put in the following sub domain, can help users better search engine and are two different sites.

, a sub domain under what circumstances

a good website, should be good to use their website resources. Choose to use sub domain or distribute their website directory to reasonable, very good for the web site in the search engine with the help, good will to improve website weight, use well will have effect on the site, so that should be good to use their web sites do not abuse subdomain name and directory. Now Shanghai has love for independent sub domain independent website, is also the weight and I, on how to make better use of the website subdomain here.

two, a high degree of correlation do not use sub domain name

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