Speed transit nstitute 2013 China B2B Market Analysis Report

speed transit Institute January 22nd report (Analyst Zhang Hui, Shen Yuede) e-commerce in the past 10 years has been the rapid development of China’s economic growth has made an important contribution to the. At the same time, the electronic commerce not only solve part of the enterprise growth stagnation problem is more driven by tens of thousands of people found work and build up the family fortunes. B2B business as an important branch of e-commerce, e-commerce than other types of larger scale, driven by the number of population and economic growth more. At present, with the transformation of the national economy and the rapid development of information, China will have more business transactions online, B2B business will continue to be recognized by people.

for the past 2013, the B2B market is what kind of? B2B market transactions, the service enterprise’s market share, the number of employees in B2B, B2B regional economic details such as what kind of pattern? The B2B market in 2013 compared with the previous few years and what changes? The speed transit institute the research team of analysts related data and enterprise information network interviews on 2013 was analyzed China B2B market.

2013 domestic B2B transaction size of 7 trillion and 430 billion yuan


(speed transit Institute mapping)

statistics from the past 5 years, the scale of China’s B2B market is showing a steady upward trend year by year, the increase remained stable. 2009 B2B market transaction size of 3 trillion and 280 billion yuan, in 2010 B2B market transaction size of $3 trillion and 800 billion, in the B2B market in the trading scale of 4 trillion and 900 billion yuan in 2012, B2B market transaction size of $6 trillion and 250 billion in. 2013 China’s B2B market transaction size 7 trillion and 430 billion yuan compared to 2012 growth of 18.88%.

in recent years, the country’s economic center of gravity from the manufacturing sector began to transition, the economic center of gravity from exports to domestic demand. The B2B business can better promote China’s commercial transactions, thereby promoting the development of regional economy. The national policy of Electronic Commerce (such as local government and support the introduction of China regional library network launched the single network), the electricity supplier companies continue to introduce new services to attract more enterprises to join, directly to the entire industry prosperity, and the country also made it clear that the development of electronic commerce to enhance National strategy.

In addition to government driven

, each B2B service sites and companies are also constantly optimize the service and experience, better promote the healthy development of the industry as a whole. Alibaba such as refined service, called Babel cat and the Taobao platform, Chinese network library for traditional enterprises to create a single product website, hc360.com to create home appliances etc.. With the electricity supplier industry, as well as further fiery electricity supplier enterprise technology and service innovation, the next few years, the B2B industry will still give the Chinese economy a new miracle.