Do website allows users to help you improve the site keywords ranking

: click rate and traffic must be more than


and search engines are closely related, if the search engine to your website ranking on the front, if the site is long time no good CTR and traffic, your site itself is a problem, almost certainly the user experience is not good, so the ranking will fall, and if your website ranking even on page second, even in the back, but the clicking rate and flow rate has been very high, even more than the first page of the website, then your website ranking will soon be able to rise, because the love of Shanghai also is to allow users to quickly find what you want, if you website traffic and rankings, equivalent to many of the users are in the hands of your site is quite good, the search engine will not contrary to public opinion, nature will rank your website. L

when your site can continue to attract repeat customers, many users in your site often visit, pitch camp, comments and articles, the user activity is natural search engine to determine the site has a lot of practical help to the user, otherwise the website bounce rate is very high, and this is basically out of the rate of user behavior and loyalty on the contrary, if sustained return users increase >

but I believe that the search engine in how powerful, is not strong the majority of customers, if your website traffic is huge, if your site search engine many loyal customers, anxious to curry favor with you, then you can completely get rid of the shadow of the search engine, so do the site, long-term planning is the user experience, let the user to help you increase your website ranking, here the author introduces several kind of user behavior can help improve several key web site keywords ranking


website ranking has been very concerned about many webmasters, sometimes website ranking determines the fate of the site, so now the Internet often appear on the search engine to attack, abuse, which shows the importance of the search engine on the other hand, once the search engine punished a website, the website owners are almost hysterical. Because basically declared the site of death, but I believe that the search engine may not ban certain It is without rhyme or reason. website, the website is doing some shady things, or simply do not consider the user experience, to search engine


bounce rate and loyalty tends to reflect the degree of user acceptance of the site, the user is not that your website to help them out, if the rate is high, indicating that the user to your site is not optimistic, also shows that the decline in customer loyalty, more that you site needs a lot of improvement, even your traffic is very high, but also out of the high rate of search engine will hinder the acceptance of your website, after all, the user is not recognized, naturally linked to search engine on

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two: jump out rate and loyalty

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three: if the user continues to choose the site