Losing weight off the tragic situation of Taobao Shanghai dragon future decide on what path to follo



a lot of friends in Taobao customers, many of my friends are making money, see my heart itch, decided to study. Or the old way, no experience to learn Daniel Daniel! Non losing weight is off Taobao! But this study, my heart cold air coming in, the Taobao as a good mix of big words off. Look at me:

4, the competition is so fierce, policy environment and so harsh, Taobao guests >

3, competition situation: Daniel down these vicious spiral, the degree of competition will further aggravate the home page, and the degree of competition will urge the owners of these make surplus conventional means leads to excessive optimization of Shanghai dragon, which form a vicious spiral of the fast estimation. I recently observed that, in the home page of the site, basically within two weeks, at least 50% will be K. The fight into the home life, but life will stop in the home, what a joke!

, 1 young people occupy the home!: from the beginning of the September to the present, "observed the weight loss drug list" love Shanghai home page ranking, Shanghai found love the first page page domain name are in the age of 2-3 months, basically included hundreds of the chain, basic 1000 to 2000. After reading this, I am a chill from the cold to the feet, once entrenched several Daniel the keyword ranking home, seems to have fallen, those cattle are included thousands, tens of thousands of the chain, anti chain hundred ah. I have been in the A5 published an article "He Shan jade can attack the stone chain analysis" Shanghai dragon cattle station, is actually a "weight loss drug list" love Shanghai first page of a cattle station, many cattle station ah, also over. Shanghai love this is deliberately to get some cucumber egg put home demonstration!

2, Daniel was clear: Why are these? The website form is too single, and do too much in Shanghai dragon. Everyone can see, most of these websites, some similar templates are basically used, some can be said as like as two peas. A single page of Taobao guest user experience was general, coupled with the large number of repeat cleaning is no wonder, of course, this is certainly not the only reason. Further study, these so-called Daniel basically Shanghai dragon are doing a bit too, I don’t have time this screenshot, now these stations are k, can not see some basic data, I will tell you a simple oral. First, the chain is too amazing, is the basic level and the tens of thousands, not related to the chain of garbage too much, paid links too obvious; second, the chain is too much for a single page, Taobao guest website, hundreds of the chain, said the number of single bit is false, not to mention these chains, as well as a large number of black chain, and even some black chain of government website, Shanghai love not stupid!!; third, the soft quality not quantity, strong sense of fortune, this would not be love Shanghai recognition, it can not say, but in the long run will be included in the ranks of K fourth, in the station; Witkey released soft, the chain and other tasks too high, do not know if it will be love to pay returnees outside the chain of