Let us create long tail keywords station also billowing flow

4, according to the long tail word query information, the original or false original article. According to the information in their own language to describe the best around long tail word, because of the time why not all the original, which is appropriate for some pseudo original post.

2, according to the website’s theme keywords range. This is very important, your website relates to what you should focus on the development of relevant keywords, so more to increase the overall weight of your website.


online version of many, in fact, is summed up in the following points:


1, ensure that your site can be the normal search engine included. Do not underestimate the search, YAHOO, Sogou, Youdao, I have a small flow basically comes from their love of Shanghai, included is good, but the competition is too big, ranking in ten after GG, and due to the instability, users also fell sharply, although ranking than love Shanghai but there is no flow in too much.

now if you want to be a popular word up, not a year or so is unlikely, but also for investment, if only to find a few friends of the chain, each big forum to get some signature is unbeatable. So, we can only put on the long tail keywords freeze, as for what is the long tail word that I can not say. The long tail word can bring us much traffic you can use the "love network" query your competitors love Shanghai rankings, which can make a part of key words inside your query to get the site’s traffic. When you see someone get tens of thousands of flow through the long tail word when you are not excited about

3, has been determined using keywords to query words related to long tail. This is to use the tools, rely on human is a bit difficult for you, we recommend the use of the "love network" inside the "keyword mining tool". For example: are you sure a keyword is "Yang Mi", you can query through the query "Yang Mi" and many related long tail word. Yang Mi micro-blog, Yang Mi pictures, love support Yang Mi, Yang Mi William Feng and so on, of course, the choice you have to choose, not every choice, because some word competition is still very large. Usually choose the number included in the millions of less than, flow is above two hundred, but don’t forget, love in Shanghai and GG in check the keywords included what is the site of the post, if the first two pages are basically all the major portals of the post, simply give up the word. Because of the competition for one of our station is big big.

?How to do the long tail word

station is more and more difficult, stationmaster industry has become a "wide narrow" industry. The so-called wide into that low threshold, buy a space, choose a domain name and get another open source, collecting a big basket a station was built up. While the "narrow"? The station was built up, but the proportion of how much traffic station? Most are just in the struggling food and clothing.