Your website title and description standard

keyword is the central idea of the website, the title is the site of the advertising language. The most of the website title altogether is divided into two forms: one is the website of business keywords + company brand name in the form. Such as: the construction site – Web Design – -app development network technology in the form of a certain. This is a relatively common, there is a personal ad + company brand name, such as: know your success is our business start – XX entrepreneurship network. The whole network the most professional Internet marketing experts – certain network marketing. The main function of this kind of writing the title seems to be in order to attract attention. In fact, we can also put the two together, instead of words + words + brand publicity form, as can be put in order according to their own ideas to adjust. Note: a number of Title between the word "_" or "-" or "|" of the three symbols can be.

description of the website is probably the most easily overlooked. When the construction site may be some new entrants to the artists and programmers do not understand description’s meta attribute is what meaning, sometimes there will be missing, or simply do not write. There is also a part of the situation if you add description but the contents inside is empty, the background code is not set. It also.

two, Title written Title:


three, description:

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, the choice of keywords:

to determine the main keywords according to the website of business. As for the keywords and area, it depends on their own. If the business scope is limited to the local area, then it is recommended that put the area name: area + keywords form. The advantage of this is that the area with word ranking rose relatively fast, relatively less time and energy consuming, disadvantage is the limitation of the scope of promotion. Of course, if not the name of the flow area will be more, corresponding optimization will increase the difficulty of a lot of time and energy will increase. So whether the word area depends on the enterprise’s own situation, such as the promotion of the number of personnel, promotion expenses budget, the periodic results request and so on. The main key to the main keywords to develop long tail keywords related to the specific reference and the bottom of the Shanghai love drop search relevant search for reference. Note: multiple keywords input comma "law English," interval. For example: "the website design, website construction, website optimization".

recently often see friends website to let everyone see how to optimize, after small open look or the title is only a company name, or write a mess, and even some websites have launched a few months, or "my web site title". Describe simply are empty. Many of my friends have ignored the title and description of the website, today we talk about web site optimization and selection of the title, description and keywords writing.