Why do we included less will help you solve

search engine has been to fight for acquisition station attitude, and search engine when the number of pages in the database have the same content will be a large collection of other website web content, and these contents will be the search engines that are not included in the value of content, so even if you included the website he will delete the content in the next update, so don’t take any chances, this is the website of the reasons for the reduction, not to any acquisition, the most stupid way is you a pseudo original, the solution is more than the original content, or is the depth of the pseudo original so you can improve the site included.


website internal links plays an important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon, a good website will use reasonable inside chain website content with the site, the formation of a whole network, so as to improve the efficiency of the spider crawling is conducive to the improvement of the site included, at the same time a good chain can transfer weight good site, this is a lot of website in the chain as an important reason for the optimization of the project, so a chain site is poor for collection and spider crawling is disadvantageous, which leads to the website has not improved the reason, when the internal links appear so the phenomenon of owners should be reasonable layout of the site, such as >

is a website access time is too slow for


two. Website content high repetition or more for acquisition station

a good website space open speed should be within 5 seconds more than 5 seconds is not only the search engine friendly you will seriously affect the user experience, this is the love of Shanghai will not tolerate, if your site so long time users click on the website is no longer accessible you will immediately turn off the site, at the same time it will not go to Shanghai love spider crawling website, because your access speed affect the spider’s work efficiency, so that the search engine is not included in your site, because your website is no one open website, the solution is to change a space immediately, access this is the speed must be better, a basic premise of the optimization of Shanghai dragon


three. The site of the internal links too bad


any Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in the optimization of the website will encounter this problem, that is the site included suddenly reduced, and for such raids no feeling, in fact you don’t know some reasons are hidden, because you usually don’t pay much attention to what will cause the search engine on the web a little punishment and if these conditions cannot be solved well, then it is not the site included reducing the problem, waiting for your site will be included for 0 may be the entire site is the cause of the K! So when included by the us how to check their website, and how to solve? Below you and I talk about the website included the main reason for the reduction and solution: