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select page is actually identify the landing pages, most of the corporate website will also choose a landing page, they think that the home atmosphere, the most complete, the most prominent corporate image, home page provides too many options for patients. Just imagine, if the landing page is full of all kinds of links and buttons, so patients either click will either be at a loss what to do, can’t help them, so the patients from his needed information more and more far. Therefore, the landing page should not contain too many links, especially consulting pictures or text in various ways. The best practice is to only give patients a choice: the analysis of patient demands, patients will be brought directly to the desired information page, or a link to the most favorable to persuade patients to consult the page.


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A5 bidding team suggest that we must do the tracking settings, transformation of monitoring well, can the effect of consumption and combined, and bid member can understand the transformation of the situation, the keywords of the flexible, account after a period of time after consumption, through the statistics can see the transformation and consumption of each time period, so it can get the best time of delivery and price adjustment in the near future, if a keyword conversion cost is too high, it is recommended not to put all day long, see a day into the best period, put 1-2 hours, reducing his budget, but also to monitor the transformation cost is changing, online to extend the low conversion cost, word length.



many website promotion in sex in Shanghai, this work looks very complicated, so many companies can not start, already on the auction but still can not find the key, we look at a picture, this picture a brief description of the basic process for promotion. Do love Shanghai promotion is known to everyone, affect the final conversion cost, there are many factors, A5 bidding optimization (贵族宝贝ppc.admin5贵族宝贝) to share with you how we do the bidding method, summed up in 4 words: to find a good word when selecting pages to pick a good conversation. Do these four points, your conversion rate will go up.

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keyword you can go to use keywords love Shanghai recommended tools, there are search volume and competitive situation. Keywords analysis is a necessary step, want to save money, must choose good keywords, keywords elimination effect, selection techniques love Shanghai for keywords is actually a continuous data statistics, data analysis of a continuous process, and it requires your patient observation and calculation. Once you determine approximately a website promotion Keywords, then a website traffic and conversion rate basically also settled down, of course, the process you will adjust continuously, in order to save the cost.

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