What are the analysis of Web site was hung black chain harm and preventive measures

first: first talk about the definition and harm of the chain?.

third is to proceed from the vision, is no technical content, will link character and web page background color, seems to be consistent with the principle of fourth kinds of keyword accumulation; through the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

many black chain operation hackers are basically completed by the above means, whether they are in what purpose, business or fun, we are not to live. For those PR value is higher site, we should pay more attention to the prevention of. A new website itself weight is not high, the link will not play much, but more than 4 in the PR website, hackers can make money to hang black chain. Perhaps inadvertently, your site outside the chain is hung up the bad information, and this chain is generally impossible to find, unless you are a very professional technical staff. The only thing we can do is to strengthen their own security measures, as far as possible not to let others take advantage of our negligence, then from my perspective, a >

is the first to set the display property to none, thereby shielding website external link information;

black chain is different from our normal Links, it is not to look at the surface of the web, only links in web pages with code to see. These code users can not see, but the search engine can crawl, so even if we browse the web to see the black chain, but the black chain has played a role. Then the black chain is how to achieve it? It is with another "black", is a hacker. Hackers use their own technology intrusion server, on the inside of the site on the site is placed on the horse, black chain. Because the black chain of concealment, administrators are often difficult to find, so it can be stored for a long time. The black chain has become a major commodity trading links, many websites in order to rapidly improve rankings have opted to buy cheap and a large number of high weight black chain. Hanging black chain site due to one-way links derived too much, it is easy to be found in the search engine, often do drop right processing or keyword ranking disappear.

third: how to prevent website hanging chain?.

in fact, in most cases, the black chain is by adding the CSS style website source code to achieve. Although more complicated and manipulative, but basically can be divided into four categories.

second: the site is hung? What is the classification of chain.

speaking of the black chain, do believe people have heard, I think for any webmaster, his web site was hung black chain is a very depressing thing, not only affect the user experience, but also make the site to drop right even K station. Today I will share with you an analysis of website is hanged? Chain harm and preventive measures, we hope to help.

second is not the technical content, is the only link character set into infinite, trying to muddle away station;