What are the K website is the reason

know what is the Shanghai dragon friends know about Shanghai Longfeng workers website by K is our most troublesome thing, often get well this station is likely to be destroyed, that here we have what reason can make a web site is K

special industry caused by K special industry this problem, if you believe the forum, these sites are most likely to be K, because this is not allowed by the law Oh, but the relative profit of this industry is very high, this is the master over the station, there is no K. But the risk is great, so try not to contact the special industry, so to do the optimization, industry.

mass caused by the topic of mass K is often said, mass caused by site is K this is not certain, of course, if less then or will not be K, but the amount that is based on your website, for example, your web site is a new sites, the if the chain to increase the number of words there may be K, but if your website like Sina website, it will not be how you are sending K, the amount of mass that is the main problem in the mass proportion of possession of your existing web site. So according to your website before sending to determine, of course, it is best not to go to mass, optimize risk group with caution.


love Shanghai know too much caused by K now know that weight love Shanghai know quite high, it is because of what, it is because love is Shanghai’s son, they certainly can’t elbow to turn ah, so you know, but you know, love Shanghai really brought to life a lot of convenience, this is to admit the. Then we do the optimization is mainly through the love of Shanghai know the chain, for a new word, probably done when dozens of, for a period of time you will find your site It is without rhyme or reason. by K. This is my personal experience. So for the optimization, love Shanghai things there is a risk, before doing carefully.

Links associated with Links on this issue is also very important, first of all it is Links for website keywords has an irreplaceable role, but also has a very important role on the snapshot of your site, for Links we want to do a check every day, for the Links principle, I I feel like my friend, if you are wrong, you said you are good man, also love Shanghai think so, saying he lives. So, do Links a daily check, for the K to be prepared against want, absolutely cannot leave a website.

caused by K on the auction bidding will be K this topic, we believe that under normal circumstances is not met, but if your web site is K it is likely to cause it is for this reason, so if you do the bidding website, your bidding and optimization of station stand apart, can do some more transparent data.