Shopping guide website than play open sea Amoy is said to be forced by the user

June 24th news, the policy is clear so that a variety of enterprises began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier business, such as shopping guide website. The latest was informed that today, the shopping guide site than you announced the on-line sea Amoy purchasing function, formally involved in cross-border electricity supplier business.



billion state power network than ah than the official website to understand, users than ah than they want to buy the product, only need to fill out personal delivery address, and settlement with Alipay or online banking and other means of payment, it can directly help the user than than purchasing hands, the purchase process with ordinary the electricity supplier is almost the same as.

according to the ratio than CEO Huang Haowen introduction, at present, than you have been able to support the Amazon and 6PM and other goods, such as the purchase of about more than and 140 overseas electricity supplier website, which has a total of 128 u.s..

in addition, Huang Haowen pointed out that because the sea Amoy users are very important to the genuine, so it is better than the purchasing process of the biggest feature of its sunshine sea Amoy logistics experience." Whether from the ship to the shipping company, or from overseas to domestic customs clearance process, the user can be better than through the clear understanding of their purchase of goods in the logistics of which link. This allows users to be more confident about the authenticity of their goods. At present, there are more than a dozen logistics cooperation than the logistics company. He said.

but why do you want to do from the shopping guide sea Amoy purchasing it?

Huang Haowen analysis said, in fact, when doing shopping guide, than you have accumulated a large number of middle class to the wealthy class of users, these users on the sea Amoy commodity demand is very large. In addition, based on the user’s confidence in the platform as well as the current level of the sea scouring the market hot, sea Amoy purchasing is a very normal choice.

, in fact, before this, than you have been scouring the sea channel, mainly to provide users with overseas goods shopping guide information. However, many users do not know how to buy, and then have to turn to help than you do, so do the sea Amoy purchasing is also the user ‘forced’." Huang Haowen joked.

it is understood that the ratio of the line than in December 2013, in February this year to get the angel angel venture capital financing, for Microsoft, Hao and other former employees of the entrepreneurial team. Before doing the sea Amoy purchasing than the mobile shopping guide function than the main, covering nearly 120 countries, 1 million users, of which there are 65% Chinese users, users are mostly high-end consumers.