Taobao to increase efforts to combat fake

convenience has been an important reason for Internet users to choose online shopping, fakes flooding has been a headache for Taobao, the rapid development of online shopping platform has a negative impact. Yesterday, announced that it will invest 100 million yuan to join forces to fight against fake this long-standing problem.

is known to all, Taobao is facing 2 major problems, the first is a strong fight against the problem of credit speculation for some time ago, the 1 is the proliferation of fake issues. TBW Taobao believes that yesterday announced the news that Taobao further build its own integrity issues.

it is understood that Taobao invested 100 million yuan, of which $20 million is derived from the previous collection of security funds, this time into the budget of the program in the 20%. Invested 100 million yuan is mainly used to build Taobao’s own fake defense mechanism, on the other hand, for other areas of the program to provide financial support. The investment budget is mainly used in these 2 areas.

in addition to the heavy attack, has always been in the fight against fake and. According to the relevant data provided by Taobao, this year to increase the intensity of fake and shoddy products under the shelf, such as cosmetics category, up to now has been under about 100000. Taobao said that as long as the relevant brands to prove that the site has been the first time to investigate and found that the product is firmly under the shelf.

said, in addition to improve the itself, online shopping buyers also need to know how to cheat. As long as the combination of the problem of online fakes flooding will be gradually resolved.

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