Companies need to guard against CC and other popular domain name has been registered

days ago, Heilongjiang province Jade Spring liquor limited liability company through hard domain name rights, back marks the company’s brand Chinese Jade Spring wine.CC,.COM and China Jade Spring Chinese Jade Spring wine company three Chinese domain. Experts said that this reflects the Chinese enterprise brand protection consciousness is awakening, on the other hand also shows that Chinese domain unique identification and importance, especially.CC new top-level domain, is becoming a hot spot in the domain name registration, the enterprise shall timely protection.

it is understood that this is not the first case of domain name infringement cases. LG, YAHOO, Pfizer and other international large-scale enterprises have the relevant domain name was registered and taken legal action, the domestic well-known brands such as Yellow Crane Tower, Huang also frequently registered domain name. In this regard, the domestic authority of the era of the Internet domain name registration service official said, according to international law, domain name registration, follow the principle of first come injection, once the enterprise domain name is registered in advance, the enterprise only through arbitration, litigation or expensive way of redemption to retrieve domain name. Insiders said that the enterprise timely registration and its related brand name is the most effective way to protect the.CC domain at the same time as the commercial company (Commercial Company) and China company (China Company) or, in a simple, easy to remember and remarkable features and very practical, by all kinds of enterprises favor, has become the new focus of the domain name registered enterprises.

according to the survey found that the network marketing has become a very popular business promotion. Wuhan, a textile company registered a one-time, including the Asian yarn.CC, including five categories of Chinese domain names, the first occupation of the commanding heights of the industry. In addition, engaged in screws, nuts and other fasteners of a company in Wenzhou, by registering a domain name and product network promotion, successfully revitalize the entire company, many customers through the network directly to the enterprise website, the initiative to find a home. Later, the company will continue to produce all kinds of products. All registered down, the cumulative number of more than 500, weaving a huge and comprehensive marketing network. The company’s leadership, said: now our business compared to 4 years ago, has increased by a factor of 50."

small and medium enterprises to use the web site marketing has been very popular. However, the number of registered so much, domain name brand awareness and awareness of the application of such a strong small and medium enterprises in the industry has aroused widespread concern and discussion. Internet era responsible person believes that the domain name is an important resource on the Internet address, with uniqueness and scarcity of features. On the one hand, "one of the characteristics of" making a web site can only correspond to a web site or a web page, only exclusive by the registrant, once the domain name is registered, the enterprise will not be able to get. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of domain names, who first seize the excellent resources, it means that the occupation of the network opportunities. It is reported that, in order to encourage and promote the establishment of small and medium enterprises and the protection of domestic brands, the Internet era of the recent implementation of a comprehensive range of.CC domain.

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