How to do personal website operation

      first to analyze the Chinese network environment, with the increasing number of Internet China, each want to pursue a career in the interconnection network in China network can think: prospects and the "money king" has unlimited space for development. This stage of development in Chinese confusion network, personal station friends choose to like me, please recognize the overall situation, should be carried out in the end will be standing! But in the face of China network, such a good opportunity, personal webmaster should be how to gain a foothold, from thousands of individual website Rick talent shows itself? Here on the basis of their own 5 years of experience in the station, that is to change the previous ideas from the mind, specifically, the following points:

      1 site location. In this regard, we have discussed more in the past, in which I do not give a specific description. Specific reference "on the establishment and operation of regional information station," some of the content.

      2 change idea and resource integration. This is a very important, very important question. Here I would like to share with you some of my personal point of view, please give more valuable advice.

      concept of opportunity. The opportunity belongs to the person who is aware of the search and discovery, and will not come to a person who is waiting for the opportunity, so there is no need to complain about anyone. And I like many webmaster may think that their Born Under A Bad Sign hate yourself why not early, do stand a few years, on 90s at the century what station can make a feast, do not stand now, feel that every step forward is hard. But the current China network population and the growth rate of the data, we can draw this conclusion: the current opportunities in 90s than larger, but much larger, but the competition will be much larger, which is one of the most basic concept. Understand the current network prospects and competitive environment, is the most basic factor of success. So make friends stand before I do, should first consider whether they have enough conditions to survive in the competition, the competition is brutal, law of the jungle, if you are a piece of meat so weak, leaving the battlefield is the most sensible choice, if you think you have enough strength to survive in the competition, so you must be confident, do not hesitate, do not be afraid of setbacks, don’t be afraid of failure, Yuezhanyueyong, eventually defeated the king of the division of achievement!

    innovative ideas. A lot of personal Adsense are with their own hobbies, and build a personal website, a person to ensure that technology, maintenance, publicity and other matters, such as the main purpose of the site is not discussed in the column. We only discuss the development for the purpose of "innovation of a wolf with a savage heart" website. When it comes to innovation, we are most likely to think of content innovation. Of course, the content of innovation is very innovative