The flowers of e commerce into the period of Spring is in the air can not be overlooked

e-commerce industry has always been colorful, e-commerce in the country in recent years of rapid development, more and more enterprises to close the net. As for the domestic e-commerce enterprises, clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances, daily necessities, online shopping mall is more common, with the increasingly sophisticated online shopping environment also let the flower industry saw the dawn.

according to foreign flower market reports, China flowers per capita spending power in the lower level, with people’s consumption ability and constantly improve the quality of life, consumers have to accept the network order flowers pattern, domestic flower market increasingly showing a "Chaoyang" scene.

data show that as early as 2007 domestic flower industry output value reached 48 billion yuan, of which Yunnan flowers have been exported to 42 countries and regions, exports amounted to $85 million. Just a few years, although with the domestic consumer entered a phase of rapid growth, the domestic online shopping network has reached hundreds of thousands of flowers, flowers with respect to the entire market, there is a very large space.

for China’s online flower ordering network, the whole industry is still in its initial stage, there are many problems to be solved. A simple list of 3 common problems:

1, distribution problems

for the flower shop, this is a very critical issue, flowers delivery is quite exquisite, different from the delivery of parcels, soft flower stand collision is too large, too long and easy to lose water. Therefore, the need to understand the distribution of flowers in the distribution of attention to the staff, so most of the flowers to take the network is the clerk distribution.

2, customer service issues

network flowers mall, network communication and customer service for consumer solutions, nationwide service network ordering platform need to be equipped with flowers, the call center staff must reach scale, and how to improve customer service experience, enterprise need to knowledge training and guidance for effective customer service. Otherwise, there is no flowers to facilitate basic knowledge of customer service is not able to improve the quality of information.

3, operation form

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from the physical network, or by way of cooperation, to create a network in which each brand? How to bear the risk, the flowers are electronic commerce begins to consider problem. As for the traditional retail mode, flowers profit is only 20%-30%, only through the packaging design and manufacturing crafts greater profit margins, or have certain requirements for capital requirements.

solve the above three problems, in the actual operation, there will still be many enterprises not to let the intention, there is also difficult to control the phenomenon: for example, as consumers want to order flowers for a few years have yet to contact friends, according to the address of the past, in a few years maybe there will be a street name, or moved, have the phone number is empty of embarrassing problems, although the reason for this.