On the eve of the 12 Taobao double some merchants began to brush single money

(all the pictures are small screenshot evidence)

December 7th, at noon to eat a bowl of noodles in small, ready to write this article, and in the analysis of Taobao business thinking outside the brush single mode, I believe you read this article than you spend money to find the so-called marketing master strong.

the day before yesterday to see an article, is a financial media burst Taobao merchants brush single issue caused a strong dissatisfaction with the official Taobao, and ready to sue the media.

But this small

can tell the pony elder brother, this article I wrote, you want to just go to, because I never did not grasp the rod, as the saying goes: "shopping malls such as the battlefield, who is the winner is



In fact,

writing is the same reason, at great risk, when you are with a small heart sued since media people Ge a time, let your image in my heart, maybe I see too much of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu can only be used to describe you, even after washing the recovery time you are in great position in my heart, but I just adore your business charm, so I took your letter to god.

with the relevant departments of the government to increase the intensity of the regulation of the business of Taobao is also more severe, but it will be able to prevent businesses abnormal metamorphosis of the brush model it?

is certainly not, because the rules are man-made, really thinking out of the businesses are to brush single according to Taobao rules loopholes, the past few days when I was visiting Taobao see some goods was 600 yuan from direct price to 10 yuan, turnover rate of hundreds or thousands, but the only drawback is that comment on absolutely no more than 7, it can be inferred that these businesses are single brush, these words I say are pictures and the truth.


made a lot of money in the double 11 double 12 on the eve of the public business, in certain businesses in Taobao brush single user appears this is a normal thing, it is also the existence of such user psychology led to the proliferation of fake Taobao, price fraud, for example: {a commodity price obvious cost is 9 yuan, then businesses use this will create a single brush in the coming explosion models, the price mentioned 80} attract buyers which constitute consumer fraud.


single brush is the dream of every business, a single brush pattern is also diverse, today I will give you a card of leveraging mode analysis.

is leveraging the card, by consumers, a piece of merchandise at below market prices to attract users attention to the shelves, shot after shot, for various reasons, delivery, delay time, the ultimate buyers as to the time of refund, smart businesses will be very courtesy to refund their appearance, and said to the buyers often regret will return 1 yuan, this money back, the volume is still.