Home Furnishing enterprise network marketing 70 billion online shopping to try the cake Fengeng

way of doing business, channel is king. In the traditional channels gradually saturated the moment, the network channels in clothing, digital, books and other fields have been developing in full swing. The home building materials industry as a result of large volume, poor experience, logistics and transport problems and other reasons, the network has been developing slowly.

70 billion online shopping opportunities waiting for cake Fengeng

according to the authoritative data, Internet professional monitoring agency iResearch, 2005, in the digital garment industry online shopping share already accounted for 3% of the total industry situation, the domestic industry Home Furnishing online shopping share is only 0.2%, and after several years of development, in August 2010, the number has reached 2%. Only in the Taobao store 14 home products involved in the shop, the total number of more than 3 million 700 thousand kinds of products, the daily turnover reached RMB 42 million yuan.

data show that in 2009 the total sales volume of domestic home network sales market is 11 billion 200 million yuan, accounting for the overall online shopping market of 4.7%, according to conservative estimates, this figure will reach RMB 70 billion yuan within three years.

is what people are keen on home online shopping data show that in 2009, home shopping users reached 62 million, accounting for about 19.4% of the overall Internet users. In these online shopping consumer groups, more than 80% years of age ~35 years old young people, and this group, whether it is online shopping online or offline market entities, are the backbone of home building materials consumption. On the geographical division, 4 areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing buyers accounted for nearly 50% of the market, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and other western city is also an important market potential.

in terms of product categories, the third party data show that the current home shopping is the most mainstream categories of decorative hardware and home accessories, these semi-finished products are far greater than the volume of finished furniture. Building materials products mainly to the bathroom supplies and decorative lighting consumption; furniture products with seating furniture, bedding and furniture cabinets are; home decoration to cross stitch products, handicraft sales best. Due to the factors of brand influence, relatively easy decoration hardware products into the online shopping market, and furniture products to enter the higher difficulty, so there have been a pioneer of monopoly.

less than 10% of the current situation involved in e-commerce

The development of

Home Furnishing online shopping market in recent years, seemingly by leaps and bounds, but one indisputable fact is: at present Home Furnishing merchants active online are individual businesses, and to sell brand-name mattresses, paintings, Rugs, lamps, and other hardware accessories mainly light Home Furnishing, truly open up online shopping channels of the well-known furniture brand building materials the enterprise is still very rare.

it is understood that, as of August 2010, Taobao mall home platform, building materials, furniture, bathroom, lighting, furniture, textile etc. categories, the existing QuMei furniture, power Dekor, Kohler lighting, sanitary ware, textiles etc. Aldo brands, businesses reached nearly 3000. And it takes only a huge number