Glutinous rice network Shen Boyang the future will not exceed 5 buy site

July 16th news, recently, vice president of 1000 rubber group, glutinous rice nets for Mr. Shen Boyang accepted an interview with reporters, San Shen Boyang believes that now group purchase market is showing explosive growth, uneven in quality and other phenomena, which leads to vicious competition by a variety of means the domestic group purchase website. He believes that the future market will be the only less than five after careful screening, the user can be trusted group purchase website.


vice president of Thousand Oaks, glutinous rice network head Shen Boyang

future buy site will not exceed 5

at present, the number of domestic group purchase site was the explosive growth in just a few months, the phenomenon of uneven in quality. Shen Boyang said it would directly lead to domestic buy site using a variety of means of vicious competition. At present there have been a number of users are "false, group purchase recessive consumption", a gimmick to attract users such as registration of traps, and ultimately to "pay" is not only the consumers, but also did not gain a foothold in the group purchase website. Shen Boyang said, in the hope that the group purchase site nuomi venture in the tide of the first to carry the banner of industry norms, and to many websites together will be brought into group purchase market healthy development track.

Shen Boyang believes that only continue to strengthen the user online and offline experience, careful selection of businesses to ensure consumer quality and after-sales service." Website can win in the fierce competition. He pointed out that the current domestic hundred regiments is expected to evolve into a thousand regiments war, but eventually left no more than 5, is carefully screened by the user, can be trusted to buy site.

it is reported that glutinous rice network has also become the first site to buy Mobile Internet application site. Users through the mobile phone version of glutinous rice network can be understood at any time and anywhere and view a single daily information, convenient and timely panic. Shen Boyang said that at present the number of mobile phone landing glutinous rice network is also growing, has become an important part of the user experience online.

for the public is that the group purchase website "low threshold", Shen Boyang retorted: "you can really trust the group purchase website, is in need of funds, strategy, operations, technology and other aspects of the strength of support, not as outsiders see low threshold. Blind investment, not only will make personal investment failure, but also hurt the whole group buying industry."

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since the fierce competition how to buy the site, why do you want to join the group to buy a thousand oaks


Shen Boyang said: "when we chose the group purchase project, Thousand Oaks is a long time not to try new things, that is to say we want to try some things related to electronic commerce, if involved in logistics, it is certainly not our strengths, then we note Groupon this mode, Groupon is defined as" social electronic commerce, social networking is the "Thousand Oaks.