Jingdong channel sink Southern China built 100 ground shop

reporter Shi Jian Shenzhen reported

January 21st, Jingdong in Guangdong, Zijin County, a service center opened in Heyuan. This is part of the year 2015 Jingdong 500 service centers in the county, but also to the development of rural electricity providers Jingdong, the channel sink strategy of honor.

Jingdong group vice president Yin Hongyuan in an twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that in 2015, the Jingdong established in the Southern China area will be more than 100 such County Service Center, recruited more than 10000 rural extension workers. Currently, in addition to Heyuan Zijin County, Jingdong in Southern China, another county service center in Maoming, Gaozhou.

currently, Jingdong’s warehousing and logistics system by RDC (regional logistics center), FDC (sub warehouse), distribution stations, courier and other links.

County Service Center from which the distribution station upgrade. According to Wang Mingbo, director of Southern China Distribution Management Department of Jingdong, Jingdong County Service Center is generally located in the downtown area of the county, with an area of about more than and 100 square meters, all operated by Jingdong. From the point of view of responsibility, Jingdong County Service Center to assume the distribution, customer experience, rural promoters training, publicity and physical display of goods and other business functions.

with the opening of Zijin County, Heyuan Jingdong service center, the first of its 8 Rural promotion supervisor and about 100 Rural promoters have also been in place. The promotion of rural Jingdong can also be full-time part-time, the main responsibility is in the country to promote the development of Jingdong, registered users, orders, and peripheral distribution, income distribution and generation according to orders and other related duties for the commission.

Jingdong hopes the county service center that has become an important starting point to promote the development of rural electricity supplier, channel sink strategy. Due to the relatively small market order density in rural areas, many logistics companies can not touch, logistics and after-sales service has become a problem restricting the development of electricity providers format. At the same time, many rural consumers are not familiar with online shopping, goods and after-sales service policy does not understand, there are still doubts about online shopping. These are the electricity supplier enterprises face the problem facing the countryside.

Yin Hongyuan said that as early as the end of 2013, Jingdong has been in Guangdong to achieve full coverage of its own logistics, to achieve a "village", covering both the mountains of northern Guangdong, also including the Eastern Island, as above, Shimokawa Shima. In addition, Fujian province has achieved full coverage of districts and counties, districts and counties are expected to complete this year in full coverage, Hainan is considered by the construction of FDC (warehouse) way, will lead to further improve the logistics warehousing, the level of coverage.

self logistics seems to increase the cost, in fact, is a marketing tool." Yin Hongyuan told reporters that in Zijin County of Heyuan as an example, in the use of third party logistics, the local daily orders in one of about 30, and use all of its own logistics system in a year ago, the daily orders have reached about 300 single, the growth rate reached 10 times.

2015, Beijing East.